How many years has “the” paradigm shift been discussed, talked about, and “channeled” about, pondered upon, and had so much conjuncture spoken about it. The concept of this shift has triggered every aspect of the fear factors attached to deeply embedded Belief Systems that challenge each Belief Systems story about the ending.  The fearfulness is the issue.   Starting in the early 60’s and 70’s, the embellished “stories” that the world is going to end in 2012.  Previous to this ending, there was the ending in 2000, when Y2K would bring down the world through all the computers crashing.  Of course, we cannot discount the fears about the potential multiple ending storylines.

On a side note, it is so funny when people say they are not patient.  People are extraordinarily patient. They are always waiting for the end of the world. Is this not the over the top paradigm of continued patience?  Has no one considered what the end means?  Does the end justify the means?  Does the destruction of the world justify the means in which the world ends?  Is the world to just end.  Do people have to play their part in the destruction or in some ending of the world?  Has anyone ask the world if the world is ready to end.  Isn’t everyone being a little presumptuous that a Belief System, whatever the source of the B.S., that the world should end because someone or some group has accepted the end is the end?  Whose end?

Did the Earth agree to a human Belief System that the world is supposed to end according to them? Some accepted Belief Systems suggest that the Earth is a sentient being.  What clear sentient being would accept being destroyed?  Perhaps unconscious sentient inhabitants called “humans” would consent to being destroyed because they as a collective embraced a destructive Belief System ending.  Why?

Could it just be a simple as they are unconscious and live by a very internalized limited, non-connected concept of life? These individuals readily accept self-destruction, group destruction, or just plain old destruction as their perception of reality.  Reality is what is accepted whether it is beneficial or not, by the purchasers of Belief Systems who may not have all the facts.  This earth world always has beginnings and endings.  If there is a complete ending to the world, does that mean there is no new beginning ever again.  Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Perhaps the point to the end of the world could be the best benefit for everyone.  So, before you get upset by this statement, let’s delve into the meaning of the ending.

In the acceptance of Karma, Lessons and Re-incarnation as a reality of 3D Duality, these three words mean exactly the same.  Yes, Karma is what goes around comes around.  SO! Yes, we have been programmed with the idea that we came here to learn lessons. SO!

Yes, we have been programmed that Re-incarnation is something we have to do again and again.  SO!  The truth is these are all different descriptions of Belief Systems that underneath at the very core of these Belief System models, they are exactly the same programming.

If “someone does you wrong” or “you do someone wrong”, then a situation is the set up for a Karmic relationship which is based upon victim victimizer.  The “caught in a loop” re-living it again over and over again.  Now the second stage to this relationship is the lesson.  Oh yes, the inevitable lesson.  Back and forth, the loop tightens.  Strangled by the Karma and Lesson Programs.  When will this end?  Are you kidding me?!! Whoever the me is?  The third stage is the Re-incarnation, tarnation!  So here we go again.  Karma, victim or victimizer, Lesson, victim or victimizer, and the continuing continuous loop of the Lesson, victim or victimize continues.



Computer/Brain 3D Duality Limitations

Limited Creativity – Fear filled

Karma:  Childish Adult Ego

Continued conditional trauma dramas

Lessons:  Recycle Bin

Repetitive emotional/physical stories

Re-Incarnation:  Same old same old

Restricted Time Continuum


Heart – Multi-Dimensional Unlimited

Creativity – Openness

Self-Responsibility – Centered in Self

Unlimited capacity to create newness

Consciously Create Experiences

Experiential Connectedness

Incarnation: Creating Responsive Newness

Open Time Continuum

The three-step process called 3D Duality is repetitive restrictions and fear filled.  Getting the Point?

By the way…can you see how wondrously patient humans are?  And they don’t realize it!

They patiently continue the three-step process, each life time waiting to be the Master of their destinies.  Are you kidding?  Are you kidding your Self?  There is no one but a Master who could write such wonderfully dysfunctional steps, stay in step with the disorder and continue to be caught up this ridiculous infinity loop of the figure eight.

Energy does not flow in a figure eight. Energy flows in either a straight line or from the creative still point of a spiral.  Only dysfunctional energetic patterns keep you in the loop going back and forth in this lifetime or others of having, not having, victim, victimizer, abuser, abused, rich, poor, controller, controlled.  Not much fun.  The commercials are the times when things seem to be going great. But the “waiting for the ax to fall” shows up because “you” have been conditioned to Belief System that there is an ax waiting to fall.  So, the ax falls and you re-begin again!

The 3D Duality human creative process is an infinite infinity of the same old same old Karma, Lessons and Re-incarnation tarnation Belief Systems.  Knowing at your deepest knowing, though very unconscious most of the time, but not always, this 3D Duality Realty is accepted as the “ill-usional” reality.  Do the first three letters of the word Ill-usion give you a clue?  Stop accepting that this re-cycle bin is reality.  Or don’t stop.  If you like the trauma dramas, keep them.  If you don’t, move forward.

In this 3D Duality illusional reality, there is a certain comfort to this discomfort zone. Why you ask?  Because, though there is a pretense that the future is unknown, in Truth, the future is known.  The scenes, scenarios, genders, backgrounds, backdrops, time frames change in your continuum, but the 3D Duality illusional Reality of Karma, Lessons and Re-incarnation are exactly the same repetitive stories over and over again. Deep inside your Cellular Memory, aware or not, you know how everything is going to play out.  You wrote your own scripts on the premises of Karma, Lessons and Re-incarnation “tarnation”.  Are these not the ultimate life time tests of patience?  So, from now on don’t ever call your Self impatient.

Now to the point!  Conceivably could this Paradigm Shift really signify that the 3D Duality Programming of Karma, Lessons and Re-incarnation tarnation are finally being destroyed, not by violence, but by simply becoming clearly conscious? Destroyed not in a forceful way, but in a way of empowering your Self to stop the madness of these victimizing repetitive dysfunctional cycles of opposition, hatred and prejudice, internalized war and the behaviors that going along with these patterns of interaction.

Perhaps this is the perfect “frame of time” to review all the frames of your life and life times, and to recognize how all these experiences you have had brought to you to this point in the Continuum. And brought everyone, for that matter, to this point in time!  Is this the time to get clearly conscious?  Is this the perfect time to let go of this emotional and physically draining recycle bin of the eight symbol infinity of trauma dramas?  This may be the potential opportunity to sever the ties that bind you to this 3D Duality Ill-usional reality of Karma, Lessons and Re-incarnation tarnation.  Is this the Shift we have been patiently to happen?  Is this what the Shift really means?  Is this the opportune time to move up the frequency ladder of consciousness?  Is this the ideal time to let-go and let your God-Self live and create beyond this life and energy draining vibration?  Is this the Shift to becoming a conscious, connected sentient human being?

In retrospect, your future was absolutely always known. Though you were not conscious at the surface or face value of the situations, events and conditions, deep inside at your cellular level of consciousness, your body knows what is going to happen to you.  You did, because your repeated played out your scripts.  The past always became the future in each moment because you re-lived the future based on your 3D Duality experiences of the past.  So above so below!  So Behind So Ahead!

With this thought in mind, the Paradigm Shift is the place of both closure of the old paradigm and the creation process of newness at the same time. Completion, not of death, but of the physical and emotional release and the conscious termination of the dysfunctional re-cycle bin paradigm. Now this may be the time to create a real workable action plan for implementing this paradigm shift that everyone has been discussing for so many years.

The fear that is permeating this planet now is outrageous. The fear is a collective global experience.  Observing the process non-emotionally could be the place of witnessing the changing from the paradigm of mostly unconscious re-creation to conscious creation.  Being a conscious creator has been talked about for ions. Here is the chance to stop talky talking about it and make it happen.  This all begins with each of you.  No more looking outside of your Self for the answers.  You have the answers.  The questions must change.

Again, and again, the fear of the unknown in the old paradigm is an oxymoron because the future was never unknown. Repeatedly, the future was another version of the old.  In this Shift, the present current time is the opportunity to make the break that everyone has been talking about, looking for, and in some cases praying for “the” change. Let this unknown realm be the opening to move beyond the limited recycle bin paradigm.  Don’t let any fears stop you.  The new future for you, mankind and this planet requires clear faith and the courage to acknowledge the past, the history and move beyond the emotional attachments to 3D Duality illusional reality.  Re-creating the past and calling it the future is hardly a paradigm shift of any kind.

Creating newness requires you to lose the fear, set your Self free from the past, set clear intentions and propel the motion of your energy from a clear consciousness by determining not only a new future, but new futures for your Self.  Fear has no room in clear consciousness.  Fear has no place in the paradigm shift. Fear is the stagnant blockage that holds you back from being you. Clear of fear is stepping into your Power and shifting into your personal place of the unknown and clearly creating your life from the consciousness of your God Self.  Be Fearless!

Let’s stop talking about “the” long drawn out paradigm shift.  Let’s get into action individually and collectively.  Let’s put the future of everyone and this planet into the unknown and use the unknown as the great paradigm shifter space.  From this clearly conscious space let’s shift into the place that you, the human race and this beautiful planet deserve to inhabit.

From the continuum of the known recycle bin and the no longer acceptable re-cycle programming, let’s all walk forward into the creative space of newness into this place of the luscious unknown.  Take the Consciousness plunge, be a contributor to building the brand-new paradigm.  From the exciting creative unknown comes the conscious place in which to manifest the new reality, the new world.   No wait at the gate!  Break open the eight.  Step through, complete the old and bring in with the new.   The future reality is the paradigm shift now.  Let’s make it happen and keep it real this time!

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