This Earth is blessed with so many beyond amazing kids who bring a new consciousness of connectivity to the planet.  It begins within them. Their frequency and vibration resonate at more expanded levels of awareness.  They have much greater views of life, loving to contribute and participate fully in what they are being and doing.  These “New Kids on the Block” have so much to teach us and so much to offer the world.

They are tremendously creative. The recommendation to adults is to support them, love them unconditionally and learn from them.  They do not have as many limited belief systems holding them back from living life to the fullest. Really, the best way to guide them is to allow them to be their potential and not stifle their creativity.  They are very multi-dimensional and great at multi-tasking.  These new kids bring newness to the future.  Embrace them and their freshness.

12 year old Kelly Pierce is a perfect example of the New Kids on the Block.  She is insightful in truly practical ways.  An honor roll student, singing, dancing in school plays, loving sports, volleyball, softball, swimming, surfing and rock climbing, typifies her amazing multi-dimensional interests and the passion she has for life. 

When asked the question… “Who is your role model?”   Without hesitation she expressed… “My mom is my role model.  Even my friends love my mom.”  Kelly says she loves her mom’s compassion for animals.  Sharing her mom’s connection and love for animals, in the past year, she volunteered 60 hours at the Lucky Paw Shelter in Scottsdale.  She even attended the Arizona Animal Welfare League Advanced Vet Camp.

Her mother describes her as fearless.  There is not doubt about that.  Kelly’s advice for life is… “Don’t hold yourself back.  Do what you want to do and follow your heart.”  Her remarkable advice is something everyone could follow to live life to the fullest. 

Insight runs in the family.  Bobby Pierce, ll years old, an honor roll and principal’s list student loves sports.  He plays basketball, baseball and golf.  As a center fielder, he explains with incredible wisdom… “When you are negative, it affects the whole team. When you are positive, the team and your Self get better results.”  Whatever walk of life this is practical advice for all.

When asked about his favorite role model, Bobby shares two of his favorites… “I like golfer Phil Mickelson because he is a great guy and a family man.  My other favorite is Fred Couples because he is easy going and focused at playing his best.”  At this young age of 11, Bobby has a mature insight about the qualities about people that inspire him.  Although he is very multi-talented in other sports, he says that golf is his favorite.  In his words… “Playing golf inspires me, challenges me and I love competing with myself.”

He began playing golf at age 2-1/2 years old, getting a hole in one at age seven and nine, with 42 golf tournaments under his belt, even competing with ages up to 18 years old, he has won approximately 90% of them.  Modest yet focused Bobby is living his life to the fullest.

You can feel them in your heart.  You can see how in union with life they are.   These New Kids on the Block have such unusual perspectives about how they view life and relationships.  They are very connected, sensitive, evolved and wise beyond their years.  Kelly and Bobbi embody these heart-based souls.  They are very compassionate and have a passion for living.  They do see life beyond the limitations of the boxes. There is so much to learn from them. They have come to make a difference.  Embrace their uniqueness.  The New Kids on the Block are here for everyone’s benefit.

Sherry Anshara

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