The word exchange means to swap over, switch, replace, trade, barter, and substitute.  In conversation it means to argue, talk, chat, discuss or have an altercation.  From both points of view, in the meaning of exchange, an underlying issue comes to the surface which involves the element of engagement in the consciousness of exchange.  The question then…is what is involved in this exchange of engagement?

There is a two-fold answer.  Is it power or force that is being exchange between individuals, groups, businesses, cultures and/or countries?  If it is force, the exchange side of force results in someone or some group either being controlled or manipulated. Not a very productive or positive exchange of energy. 

In this version of exchange, looking at it from both a metaphoric and physical viewpoint of Quantum Physics and the String Theory, which states that everything is made of up strings and emits a vibration and frequency, Michio Kaku, Astrophysicist, author Parallel Worlds…  “…if we had a super microscope that could peer into the heart of an electron, we would see that it was not a point particle at all but a tiny vibrating string. This tiny string, in turn, vibrates at different frequencies and resonances.”

Then you could consider that these strings are bands of consciousness which when “exchanged” between individuals, groups, businesses, countries, etc. based upon a consciousness of control and manipulation, will elicit a vibration and frequency of fear.  This fear frequency becomes a band of consciousness which then emits resentment, hatred, rebellion as the exchange of energy of force.  In control and manipulation there is no power or empowerment.  It is merely fear based, nonproductive and eventually debilitating for all those involved in this type of exchange of consciousness and energy.  No one resonates with each other.  The conversations are disagreeable and so are the relationships.

When these strings or bands of consciousness are founded upon power for all those involved, a wonderful practical exchange of higher consciousness and higher vibration occurs.  Everyone feels the harmonics and begin to resonate with each other.  There is no requirement to control or manipulate.  Everyone is on the same wavelength to achieve personal and group successes.  The resonance of everyone’s strings or bands of connection becomes both metaphorically and physically supportive.  Positive relationships, positive conversations, positive successes are the results.

If you choose to vibrate your strings or bands with positive focus and clear direction with an expanded consciousness of a “can-do” attitude, and living fearlessly, be prepared to be empowered.  In those positive bands of exchange, you will draw like minded people who love being around you and being with you.  Be open to all the possibilities that your bands will draw to you.  Use the power that you are.  The Universe supports you to be powerful.  Be the power that you are.  Vibrate your world!

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