The famous artists of the world, and even the not so famous artists, have one thing in common, they put their particular aspects of their artistry out there.  Whatever their methods or the media they use, they are expressing their creativity in a multiplicity of ways.  Their methods of self-expression are as unlimited as their approaches to art. 

Artists are exceptional examples of following their hearts and their creativity whatever directions their passion takes them. The wondrousness of the examples of all artists’ creativity are the Multi-verse in action. As diverse the artist, are the diversities of their canvases.

Taking a “lesson” from an artist is not actually taking a lesson in the physical sense, though it can be. Seeing artists as lessons providers who teach you that focusing their passion to create their visions into the physical manifestation of their life is an invaluable lesson learned. You absolutely can learn from the visions of others.  Though your vision is not the same, you can put your Self out there to be the artist for your canvas of life in multiple ways.

As the diversity of the artists’ ways, be as diverse in your own life with your passions.

Infuse your passions into every aspect of your life.  Observe your life from where you are now.  See all of the ways in which you have participated in life. Yes, sometimes your experiences were great and sometimes not so great.  As an artist, sometimes the artwork is fabulous and sometimes it requires a tweak here or there.  The same as your life…all it takes is a tweak here and a tweak there to make it better than good.

Sometimes life turns out for the best, like a fine painting.  Some of the times, life is like a fine pencil drawing with a smudge or smudges. Erase the smudges.  You can’t change them but you can release them out of your life, like the eraser. So…see the smudge as an experience. The smudgy experience doesn’t have to affect your entire life time.  The smudge is just an experience.  If something doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would, oh well.  If you can’t erase it, do what an artist does, get a new canvas or explore a new media.  You don’t have to be stuck in one venue. You are not a single.  You are a singularity, you are multi-dimensional!  

The beauty of life, life moves on. So when a mis-takehappens, take another look.  It may be, simply, a lesson learned from the expression of your artistry that had a smudge.  Don’t stay there trying and trying to re-do something that didn’t quite work out.  Allow your creativity to find another way to express your Self.  If your current canvas is not expressing your life, get a new one!  You are the artist, the passion, the creative ideas, the brushes, and most importantly the canvas.  Be bold with your strokes!  Create! Welcome to the Multi-verse!

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