In the past several months, have you noticed that people seem to be asking the same or similar types of questions?  No matter whether it is in business, personal or even in general discussion, people seem to be asking the same sort of questions such as:  “What is going on?”,  “Why am I feeling so tired?”,  “Why do I feel such confusion?”, and  “Why aren’t things making any sense anymore?”.  More likely than not, the real question being asked is…“What the heck is going on?”…with even more dramatic expletives and animation.

These questions appear to be coming from a much deeper source from within rather than the more superficial everyday conversations.  As you keep your ears open you may notice even when you are grocery shopping, in restaurants, chatting with friends, family members, and business associates, and while you are just out and about that people seem to be engaged in these perplexing questions more than ever with each other.  There is a definite difference in the exchange within conversations than the usual everyday banter. 

Even on Facebook, there appear to be more uplifting messages, conversations and shared exchanges with Fb friends who seemingly are reaching out from around the world to relate at deeper levels of connections. Though there are some postings that can elicit those emotional “hooks” that everyone has, it does appear as though many more uplifting postings are occurring.  Could there be significance to the underlying or even very evident meanings?

Whether anyone totally believed that the world was going to end in 2012, maybe there is an underlying current that something has indeed changed.  When looking back through history, I always thought it was funny about the fall of the Roman Empire or the fall of some civilization telling the historical story as though on one significant day the fall happened. 

Yes, like the ending of a war, when the winner is declared, the end or fall did occur and everyone started all over again. Yes, that one day did have significance.  Not only was it the end of some paradigm, but it was also the beginning of a new paradigm.  Yes, for sure, one day does make a difference, but it was the significance of the days, months, weeks and even years in which the differences and a huge shift occurred over time in real life, and not just from historical points.

Could it be that this so-called end of the world in 2012 really began a change that is taking place not just from outside appearances, but from the depths of the human consciousness and the connected spirit of humanity?   Could it be that is why these similar questions are being asked?

Could it be that all of us as a collective humanity are in the “change” and in a “shift” of consciousness from the inside out instead of the outside in?  Maybe all of our former ideas, limited belief systems, and old paradigms are now collectively being challenged.  How?  For sure, through previously what was once considered mainstream conversations, people are becoming more vocal. Perhaps they are really seeking their own answers instead of accepting the “normal” answers provided by outside authority figures.

Perhaps many of us are seeking to connect with others who are also looking for deeper connections and consequently more in-depth conversations.  There is a definite change, a paradigm shift, and other views happening from the inside out.  Changes are manifesting in new outside views of life here on planet Earth. 

Continue to ask clear questions.  Continue to question everything without judgment. Continue to question your Self.  Continue to question. 

The answers are there inside of you. 

Listen with your heart! 


                        To Be Or Not To Be

                        Is Not The Question,

                        To Be is All! ~

                                             Wei Chen

                                             Ancient Chinese Poet


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