So many times, there is a mystery to weight. Perfect diet, perfect exercise, the perfect way of living…and yet the weight doesn’t seem to be cooperating. The weight stays on. That darn weight gets stuck in certain places within the body. So aggravating! Yet wait!!!

As you journey along your life’s path, the idea is to gain. Gain wealth, gain a relationship or relationships, gain status, gain in status and continue the gain! To gain is to win. “Wait” a minute!!!  Unconsciously your left computer brain may be operating on the Wordology is Your Biology of GAIN!  

There is nothing “wrong” with the word gain! There are many descriptions of this word gain: improvement, advance, advantage, achievement!  All this sounds so great! But WAIT! On the opposite or Duality side of gain is:  increase, expansion and addition. WOW!

What happens when your Duality left computer brain can not discern the difference in all these meanings of the word WAIT?  Now apply this word WAIT to the Duality Belief Systems of:

I am going to be happy in the WAIT when:

  1. I move  from pre-school to kindergarten
  2. I move from kindergarten to grade school
  3. I move from grade school to middle school (former junior high school)
  4. I move away from home
  5. I move from high school to college
  6. I move from college to graduate school
  7. I move from graduate school to a job/position
  8. I move to get married
  9. I move to have children
  10. I move to get a divorce
  11. I move to perhaps another or a few more marriages
  12. I move to whatever the next steps
  13. I move to figure out which steps are not working
  14. I move to “what” …getting sick
  15. I move to get well
  16. I move to….
  17. I am running out of moves
  18. Oops, I have left the building called transition!
  19. Where in my moves as I waited to be happy, was I happy?

None of these moves are good, bad, or even indifferent.  So in the in-between of all those times… there is that statement “When I am going to be a perfect weight that I have been waiting to fit my situations! How come my body is not cooperating with me? I just don’t fit!





I “waited’ to be happy! I “waited to have a perfect weight! I waited and was weighted down… emotionally and physically weighted down from the “wait”.  What the heck is going on?

What is going on is Duality’s focus on always pushing life into a future that has yet to be created. Especially to be created consciously. Duality’s Belief Systems is a strategy of keeping you in a future timeline that has yet to be created to happen.  

As you are programmed to live in the future that has yet to be created, while living in the present moment, you are “weighing” your Self down literally. Your body is attempting to keep you grounded while you are out in the ethers somewhere, called “out of body”, not fully present, not grounded.  It is very difficult for you to be fully present in the moment.  

As a result, your body will do anything it can to “hold” you down! As the result many many times, your body will produce the physicality of weight in your cells, molecules, and particles to prevent you from “flying” all over the place.

Many times this excess weight has to do with you not being fully present. Now “wait” a minute do not use this as an excuse to over eat, or put emotionally supportive foods into your body. Get this. There is emotionally “supportive” foods that support you to gain “weight”. The key word is emotional.  

These emotions can be products of past traumas, past dramas, or past shocks that energetically and physically have a “weight” that weighs you down. All this is happening through your Duality left computer brain. This computer brain then “anal-lyzes that you are bad. In this energetic and physical pattern within your computer brain sends signals out to the body… EAT, EAT to fill the void.

The void is you are not fully present in your body. You are out running around in the ethers, while your body is doing the best it can to keep you grounded. The Duality computer brain says… “here’s the solution, eat more, here’s what happens… “GAIN” more, weigh the body down, “GAIN” weight, while you are out of body emotionally, disconnected… your “weighted down” body can go on!

You can go on running to a future that has yet to be created. More confusion. More weighting through the wait to be happy when, or to do something when, or to be something when or just when something!!! WOW, what a cycle.

So resolutions for the solution!

  1. Connect to your Body, get in charge of your Left Computer Brain
  2. Discern what is your Truth instead of the Trues of your supposed to be or supposed to do!
  3. Listen to your Body’s message to you… is this food or experience for me?
  4. Be fully present at the moment, the past is one second ago and the future is one second from now!
  5. Comprehend that happiness is based on now, not when!
  6. Realize with “real eyes” you are the Conscious Creator of YOU and Your Life!
  7. Eat what supports you to be healthy!
  8. Know that the molecules of emotions are heavy and make you “gain” weight
  9. Embrace Your Self as being perfect and healthy in each current moment
  10. Stay out of both the past and the future, otherwise, they are the same.


“Your best “presents” to you… be fully present in each moment and there is no wait!”
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