“Even though I can’t solve your problems, I will be there as your sounding board whenever you need me.”…. Sandra K Lamberson   The best aspect of friendship is that you can choose your team member or members who will support you no matter what!

The “No Matter What” is the integrity that bonds the friendship beyond time, space and judgment.

Look back over the years to the friendship that you have had.  Without doubt there are those who bring back those warm and fuzzy feelings inside your heart, where you hold those endearing memories of the experiences you have shared.  Some of these friendships are assuredly long term.  These are the real significant others who have listened deeply to you, who have been there through the thick and thin times and who, no matter how long the time in between, who always pick up the phone for you.  They are worth their weight in wonderful memories because you can rely on them.  They are like clockwork, dependable and on time for you.

As you travel along your life, in and out of relationships, picking up a few here, letting go of a few there, you always know in the recesses of your heart and even you head that the special friend or friends are there.  They are there for more than a reason, they are there because of that deep connection to them, heart to heart.  They know you.  You know them. There is nothing superficial about this relationship.  You count on them and they count on you when it is there is a time in your life or theirs that requires that unconditionality of friendship.

Whether a gal friend or a guy friend, whether the same gender or not, these relationships can not be rationalized because the connection is from the heart.  If you have children encourage them to get connected from the heart.  Teach them the value of friendships.  Real friendships can endure over a lifetime.  Real friends laugh with you, they can cry with you, they can just listen without them being a dumping ground for your trauma dramas.  Friendships can teach you so much about your Self.  They can show you when you are being wise. And they will even show you when you are having a pity-party and lovingly attend.

There are some perks and benefits to having loyal friends that continue to love and support you. Don’t ever forget your part of the friendship.  Remind them of your gratitude and thankfulness for being in your life.  Be there for them when they are having their trauma dramas without judgment.  Give advice only when asked. Cherish these friendships.  Friendships, especially those long terms ones…through the thick and thin times, give so much value to your life.  Choose your friends wisely.  Choose the ones that you know in your heart, have your best interest at heart and you have their best interest in your heart.  The value of friendship can last a lifetime or lifetimes!  Cherish them.