Fear has no reasonable reason to influence your life.  Since living in fear is limiting to your health, wealth and wellbeing, what reasons can you give to your Self that fear should be part of your life.  Here are some unreasonable reasons you can claim how fear is affecting you:

The unreasonable reasons to fear:

  1. The unknown, what will happen?
  2. The known, I know what will happen?
  3. The failure… a great excuse?
  4. The success… now I am afraid to say I am good?
  5. The worst case scenario…afraid the ax will fall?
  6. The best case scenario…I can’t find the ax?
  7. If only I had not done that…what other thing would have happened?
  8. If only I had done that… what other thing would have happened?

Are you starting to get the picture?  Fear is a better blocker, not a beta blocker.  Fear blocks you from achieving a better life, a better way, a better journey.  Fear is not false evidence appearing real?  Who said that ridiculous statement?  Who cares?

Fear is Lack of Information.  When you don’t have enough information, you may have a reasonable reason to be somewhat skeptic.  That’s reasonable.  But to be an unreasonable skeptic is to be in fear of something you do not have enough facts to make a reasonable choice about.  The more information you have about a certain situation, the better you are at making reasonable choices.  When you don’t have enough facts, then you are speculating.  So stop speculating, stop being emotional and stop being unreasonable.

Get the facts.  Evaluate from the facts.  Get out of fear.  Take charge of your life. For your sake, let go of unreasonable fears that limited you, your creativity and your life.  Take the fear out of your vocabulary and empty your head of fear.   Life is full of opportunities; call them chances if you like.  Whatever you call them, take a chance on your Self.  No matter what is happening around you, take charge of your life and be the happening in your life.  You have a choice either your life is full of fear or you are clear that you are full of life!