Everyone has so many similarities that they are too numerous to count.  Everyone prays or sets intentions to have great relationships, jobs, homes, cars, toys, stuff whether an adult, child or teenager.   Our journeys seem to have many aspects that appear the same:  divorce, job loss, accidents, emotional traumas and dramas. What the heck is going on?

If you say your prayers and your set intentions how come they don’t always come out the way they are supposed to happen?  What happened to the “happening” that didn’t happen according to your intentions and prayers?  Is something amiss? What can that be?

Well, for one thing, in the uniqueness of you, your script, your journey, your path, or your avenue, you are not the same as everyone else and neither is your road. For sure the Fear Programs or the limited belief systems are the same. The old Judgment, Lack and Take-Away Duality Programs influence and affect you in your unique way.

Though the similarities of the trauma dramas have certain common denominators at the very core of the issues, your personal roles in these experiences are unique to you.  You may have a dysfunctional relationship occurring.  You may be the one initiating the trauma drama or you may be the one caught up in someone else’s trauma drama.  Where you position your Self in the experience is how you experience the experience.

When you are not conscious of what you are experiencing in the experience,  then your emotional and physical issues rush to the forefront of your life and you lose your power. You may experience being a victim.  Experiencing the victim mode is being abused… verbally, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially.  Until you understand and comprehend at the deepest core of your being, you will create and repeat the behavior of being a victim.  On the flip side of the coin, you can, in your unique way, most of the time without realizing it, become the victimizer.

All of this does not mean you are doing these dysfunctional behaviors on purpose.  They do, however, have a purpose.  The purpose is getting clear about how you are participating. The difference is getting conscious.  Rise above the Duality Programs of Judgment, Lack and Take-Away and see how you are participating in your experiences. As you become more conscious of how you are uniquely participating in any given situation, then, and only then, can you discern how you choose to participate in your life.

The sameness of behavior comes from the dysfunctional belief systems of Duality even though you are unique.  The “real” uniqueness of your behaviors comes when you choose clear consciousness over limited belief systems.  Then you can choose how you participate in life. Everyone including you reaps the benefits of the uniqueness of you, your creativity, and your clarity.  How you participate in your experiences is now up to you.  No victim, no victimization, and no victimizing.

You discover you are in charge of your life.  Life is directed by you.  Freedom to create consciously happens naturally. The natural uniqueness of you shines.  Go shine your light. Perhaps you will light the way for others!