Over the years, on many occasions throughout my life, this issue of TRUTH or TRUE has been my own personal as well as professional question. The significant difference between TRUTH and TRUE is unmeasurable! Yet, the measurement of what is TRUE or the Belief Systems of Duality is almost beyond measure at times. The B.S. has “con”trolled people, entire populations, entire continents, entire groups of followers, yes followers, of Belief Systems that have affected, effected, and infected the very word LIFE from within the followers and their victims! This is the way of TRUE in Duality.

The purpose or objective of this article is for YOU the reader to deeply, yes deeply consider what you have been taught without judging what you “think” is the TRUE. Throughout history, or “his”tory or “her”story of your life, everyone’s life as a matter of fact, is how you or anyone is swayed by these Duality Belief Systems of TRUE.   

TRUE is more times than not just an idea of someone or some leader seeking followers who have a way of swaying people to be followers. Duality at the core is a follower’s way of life.  Without, again, judging, the more the followers, the more the “leader or leaders” have the ability to “con”trol the follower’s lives from birth to death. All the time the followers, are expected never to question anything. Just Do IT! Just Follow the Leader!

In Duality you are told to be a follower is to be on the right side of something, some Belief System. Yet looking through the historic behavioral patterns of these profiles of the so-called leaders, it is through their enormous Childish Adult Duality Egos that they can explain with false sincerity that what they are “all about” is TRUE to living the best.  

Well now! Look into the word Culture! According to the leader or leaders of the Duality, follow the TRUE of the culture. What at the first four letters of the word culture. The word CULT stands out!  Language, in any language on this planet, has been used from the beginning for leaders to “create” language that manipulates and “con”trols their followers. 

Words in the form of language, perhaps at the beginning of words are identifiers so that everyone in the so-called “tribe” can communicate. To identify through their language what something means or to express an identifier of “a” something, whatever that is.  To identify the surroundings, the experiences, and words of connection.

As the “con”trollers who run this planet, thinking they are smarter than humans, used language as a bridge to sway first individuals and then groups around this planet infused with the resonance of Duality and “con” them into fitting into. Now fitting in is not good or bad. The question to ask YOUR SELF, is do you really fit in? Or are you going along with the Duality Belief Systems to be accepted in a group, crowd, or place in your “cult”ure that outlines who you are supposed to be?  Here is the place for you to begin to define what is Your TRUTH or what is Your TRUE!

The difference in these two words is as different as any difference of being “con”trolled by the “con”tollers who are energetically and physically dependent upon your “followership” with them. Or the huge shift is becoming a being of Non-Duality Conscious. The difference is the huge jump as though jumping onto a new planet!

How extraordinary is that? There is talk about a New Earth. Well, consider when the group of people moved around this planet to a different place to “create” a new town, new city, and new way of life. They did not require a spaceship! What they required as a mode of transportation is a change or shift in consciousness for their own lives, personally and professionally.

The time now has come, to shift your place, your stance of your Self and your Selves, to recognize this is your planet EARTH. This is your home. The question is NOW how do you choose consciously to live your life… TRUE or TRUTH. Duality is all TRUE. Duality is all manipulation and “con”trol by the so-called leaders. Look around without judging, being NEO Non-Emotional Observer. What are you “seeing” with “real eyes” as you realize that perhaps the shifts or changes in venue, not leaving this earth, Taking a Stand for YOU, Your Life, and the Lives of a group of Humans, is to establish the New Earth right here, beginning right NOW!

As shared for years and years, it is about resonance, not frequency and vibration.  Resonance is the Key. The difference in Resonance between TRUE and TRUTH is the difference in how, what, when, and you individually and together with others, create the Resonance of the NEW EARTH without having to get on a spaceship and leave. WHY LEAVE? This is your planet.

An even larger question in this shift from TRUE to TRUTH is how are you “willing” to become your Self. For sure, there will be many who will “think” that if you don’t fit in or go along with the utter craziness that is happening in the dehumanizing of YOU and Humans.  The taking away of the uniqueness of each person. Placing in more TRUE boxes within the Grid of Duality to keep you even more separated from your Self and from others.

Is it time to stand up for being an amazing human? Is it time to stand up for your Own Inner TRUTH? Is it time for YOU to be Your TRUTH? Question More! The more you question, the more you begin to shift the resonance within your programmed left duality computer brain and connect to your infinite intelligence and intellect in your Body. Yes, sharing, teaching, and explaining about Cellular Memory.

This is the exact perfect timing for YOU or not, up to YOU, to begin to trust, connect, relate, and listen to your own inner TRUTH. The TRUE of all the Duality Programming over the centuries in the “telling” of “his’stories are not the TRUTH. Glimmers and glimpses of TRUTh embedded in these stories! Just enough to hook you in emotionally and keep you emotionally charged to be “man”ipulated. It works by the so-called leaders every time! Release the hooks. The hooks keep you “hooked” into being less. The more you begin to listen to your inner cores of TRUTH, the MORE YOU BECOME YOU! This is the shift, the change, the Newness! All of this begins within you!                     



“Realize with Real Eyes to See Your Self as your TRUTH!”
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