Well this certainly is a strange subject to be sharing on my newsletter this week. I have done several interviews throughout the years on Near Death Experiences. Since I have had five I would say does not make me an expert in these experiences. I would say these experiences have given me extraordinary understandings beyond the limitations of the Duality educational platforms that I have had during my lifetime.  

There were so many astounding encounters I “witnessed” with all sorts of people, or you might call them “beings” yet to me they were people in their own forms. During my first Near Death Experience at three years old, when I was orchestrating my own demise, I witnessed an amazing person called Bashebar Metaphista, who told me in my hospital room, in an oxygen tent that it was not my time to go. 

Well my father comforted my mother and said I would be okay, as I sat in the Buddha position in this oxygen tent environment, telling my Self… “No I would not be okay! She stated very sweetly that I had things to do.  Remember I am only three years old. I had no idea at the time, the impact this person would have on my life, especially after my Third Near Death Experience in 1991. This is the one I call the “big one”! She showed up big time!

Bashebar would be with me my entire life, though I did not always acknowledge her presence as I was journeying along my Third Dimensional trying to navigate my life in terms of Duality, though deep inside of me I thought was limiting and very aggravating from a standpoint of Consciousness. Most of the time I did the best and worst I could in and on this journey in this Dualistic local, national and global environment. Knowing full well, that I was not quite a fit for these parameters set through the Duality programming of religion, politics, education and the rest of the societal belief systems that never made sense to me at all! It still doesn’t!

In my second Near Death Experience, it was so self-created I thought for sure I had succeeded in taking my Self out! To make a long story short, deep within me unconsciously was a Duality programming running…Grow up, get married, have children and live happily ever after. I am not judging here.  However, the impact is that as a very young child I told my mother, I didn’t want to get married or have children, I wanted to be free to do “stuff”. Of course, my mother looked at me strangely and always talked about me getting married and having a family.  This just is not for everyone. I am not judging what others do.  Just not for me.

After a year of marriage, I announced I was intending to get a “divorce”.  OMG The you know what hit the family fan. I would be the first! No I could not do that. After a family discussion, mostly my mother and sister, I created this fabulous “accident”.  In a brand new 1965 Corvette, red with white leather interior, I was hit twice by a 396 Chevy Chevelle, took down a 30 foot evergreen tree and plowed though a cement block wall ended up underneath a house down the street where I lived. The details are really not that important.

Remember in sickness and health till death do you part, well in my deep unconsciousness, I created till the death do us part…part for my Self. Oops it didn’t work.  I thought for sure I had made it out.  The funny part it was a beautiful sunny December day in Michigan, snow on the ground, but dry streets, I had extricated my Self from this previously beautiful Vette that was up to the windshield under this addition to a neighbor’s home. 

The driver’s window was open so I got out in a completely “unconscious” state, my body took over. My brain was rattled.  In my third Near Death experience I would “get” the explanation of Cellular Memory and how smart the body is! My brain was rattle on my left computer brain side.  This started a trend in my Near Death Experiences!

As I came to in a sum what state of consciousness I could feel I was in someone’s arms. I open my eyes looked up, saw a beautiful clear sky with puffy white cumulus clouds and thought for sure I had made it out and this must be heaven. A person perhaps an angel was holding me, as I rolled my eyes upward, I saw this woman and thought to my Self if this is an angel she is really ugly. 

 My weird sense of humor. It turned out to be a neighbor from across the street of the house I was under, who heard the crash, and came out of her home  What is even funnier is the home I crashed under the addition, was owned by a deaf woman. She felt me hitting her home, and thought her furnace blew up. I found this out a couple of weeks later. Though these were neighbors on the first block of my street I did not know them at all. Complete strangers!

Though I don’t consider this the “big one” of my five Near Death Experiences, this third one is the charm. I knew I had to make changes to begin to be my Self. Though I was married at the time, I made some unexpected changes in my life, not always agreeable to those around me, including family! These Self-created changes, propelled me in so many different directions, a little bit and some times a lot at a time. A new life is being formulated!

With an entrepreneurial spirit, I did go into business. I look at these as a way of freedom for me.  In many ways these businesses gave me a foundation to do some uncommon things that were not expected of woman in those times. The business provided me with resources to travel on business, to fly and have an airplane, to do all sorts of things, even get sued for alimony when I did get divorced. 

 Now please, I am not looking for sympathy. Every and all events in my life, even these fabulous Near Death Experiences, are ALL SELF CREATED! Remember this statement when you judge your Self about anything in your life! Just saying! So grateful for all the beyond normal life experiences I had through these Near Death/Life Experiences!

Grateful can not even really describe, all the adventures I had from 1965 to 1991. I didn’t have to write a book about my adventures, I was living them. Though at the time with the Duality emotionality embedded in some of these incidents and encounters I could not always appreciate these happenings at the time. Now I do.  I am sure some of you can relate!

At last, 1991 arrived and the “big” one happened. Oh yes, 15 feet underwater in the Connecticut River, in a drunk person’s car, who I was attempting to “help” move her car out of a parking spot in which she smashed a car behind her. This vehicle of life and death, accelerated and launched 40 feet into the air, turned upside down and yes ended up in river! With a smashed head, a cracked neck and back and a brain out of place, that part was not revealed in the hospital at that time, I left this physical world. YAY I had finally made it out.  Not so fast!

So… from this experience, laying in the hospital, with dire predictions of my life, I knew there is something so much smarter than my brain. To my surprise and rattling my molecules, the words Cellular Memory came to me. From that point forward my life would not be the same. Did it turn out to be an upheaval?  To call my life an upheaval, cataclysmic would be a much better description.  

So not to bore anyone with the details, I would have so many incredulous experiences, one of which is losing everything. Yet I gained everything I gained my Self. Moving to Arizona in 1997 with my last $50.00, my best investment, I would go on to have to have two more Near Death Experiences compliments of the medical community, no blame and compliments to my Self of smashing my left brain again. Boy my left female side has taken some amazing hits and she became even stronger every time.  As did my right male’s side to be in cooperation within my body.  No Duality separation for me.  

So… what did I learn from Near Death Experiences?  There is no death. There is life. The best part of these experiences right from three years old is to always always always TRUST my Self, my intuition and my heart.  I also “remembered” that you and me and all of us are here and in other dimensions to create experiences to “remember” who we really are as multi-dimensional beings.  We are NOT just spiritual beings having a human experience, WE ARE BEINGS HAVING MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCES.  FYI what does Spiritual really mean. No Woo Woo please!

The best ways are to “remember” to not be so caught up in each dimension, that we forget all the other places we have lived, experienced, participated as a particular being in a particular dimension and now in this time… to “release”, “let go” of this left computer brain Duality dimension!  Why? This Duality dimension on this planet Earth and in this Duality Universe is the primary addiction that this is all there is. OMG!

I am so grateful for my experiences. However…you don’t have to die to remember what I knew all along especially at three years old.  I was denied who I was. No blame on my parents or family, they were just caught up so many many many times in these Duality happenings, that they did, as everyone does… FORGETS!  

This is the purpose of Duality to program you to forget who you really are. To keep you trapped over and over and over again. Now is the time to delete the left computer brain programming!  Now is the time to remember your Self/Selves as the whole multi-dimensional, the whole enchilada! Let’s all dump these programmed limitation by being the Non-Duality Conscious to remember who we all are. Yes, you, me and everyone who chooses to remember!!!

I am so grateful for my five Near Death Experiences. What a trauma drama queen! OMG. You don’t have to do this. Yes I learned there is no death. Yes, I learned there is always life. Yes, I learned I am and all of you are so much more than Duality programs us that we aren’t!  


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