What opportunities do parents have the minute they know, for sure, they are pregnant? Thank god for those pregnancy tests! With this knowledge, the parents can connect to their baby or babies from the very second the test registers positive. How practical is this?

Do you know that everything the parents think, say, do, and experience, especially the mother, the baby experiences? If the parents are in foul mode, the baby is contaminated by this frequency and vibration right in the womb. The baby feels awful. The baby is not getting a good view from this womb. Everything from fear to trauma is being experienced by the baby.

When the parents are stressed, worried, or fearful, whether it is expressed verbally or not, the baby ingests these fear-based frequencies into its cells. From the parent’s experiences and the interpretations of their experiences, the baby is memorizing these vibrations of his or her parent or parents at the very moment the parents are being traumatized.

Some of the stress that the parents are having, real or not, is internalized by the fetus, and embedded in the baby’s cellular level of consciousness. This becomes a foundation for the baby’s experience.

Remember the baby does not have the experience to experience the experience they are having. The parents set the tone for the experience. When the parents are joyful, happy, and thrilled about being pregnant, then the baby feels safe, loved, and connected.  When the parent or parents are resentful, angry, and overburdened, then the baby has the same experience. Very confusing for the baby, without a doubt! The baby carries these cellular memory experiences from the womb to the tomb unless these emotional and physical issues are addressed. They can not be just addressed in the head. The body has the experience, whether conscious or not.  Therefore, the physical and emotional issues must be addressed in the cellular memory.

More times than not, the cellular experiences of adults feeling abandoned, not loved, not wanted, and not connected, which appear as adult issues, actually began in the womb. Many of the emotional and physical issues in actuality started with the parents. Many of these emotional and physical issues are repeats of the emotional and physical issues of the parents passed on to the offspring.  This is not about genetics.  

This is about how emotional issues transfer from one generation to another. Emotions are what create illnesses. Yes, there are contributing outside factors, but when the body’s emotional system weakens, the immune system weakens and the body gets sick.  Then the genetics kick in if the person has a belief system that if my family had this disease…” then I will get it.” This belief system is being disapproved.  But again, it is what investment someone has in the belief system. May or may not be true. The issue is… is it the truth for you?

With this knowledge or from this point of view, having a conversation with your baby from the beginning of life definitely will make a difference through the life of the baby’s journey from the womb to the tomb. Better than the Mozart effect, is when the parents have a clear, loving, connected conversation with their baby. The baby is embedded at his or her cellular level with the feeling of support and love right from the get-go! The baby does not have to carry the abandonment, the victim, the poor me, no support emotional issues that are rampant on this planet. The baby will not have to re-create a version of the disconnection in his or her relationships.  The adult doesn’t have to go through life stuck in the womb of dysfunction, always seeking the wanty-needy approval of someone to love him or her.  

Having a loving conversation between the parents and the baby is the first step to a loving connection for the baby’s entire life. No more seeking the wanty-needy validation that is so prevalent in this society. The “somebody…please validate me syndrome.  “I will do anything to get someone’s attention…I do addictions, I will get sick, I will make you validate me, even it if hurts me and you too….” This is a huge letting go of the dysfunction-seeking validation program.

Parents talk to your baby or babies, and tell them out loud in your wondrous voice that you are so glad they have contracted the both of you to be the parents. Welcome them into your life as a gift of life. Nurture your baby or babies, and tell them how excited you are to see through new eyes the value and the worth of life. Conversing with your baby or babies is having a conversation with God. What would you like to say from the God within you to the God within your baby or babies?  

You will know what to say, listen to your heart 
And the perfect words will come naturally,  Your Baby Listens….

“Listening is the best connection to sharing a conversation!”
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