Here’s a question…” What’s the difference between Black and White? Is there a difference? Is White devoid of color? Is Black an aggregate of color? Or is the idea of Black and White a Duality Program of measurement of “right and wrong” or differences of opinions, ideas, belief systems, backgrounds, colors, and diversity. WOW! What are the differences?

Perhaps in the Duality ideas of differences, there are similarities at the very core of the Belief Systems.

  • The definition of Black is a color that results from the absence or complete absorption of visible light. It is an achromatic color, without hue, like white and grey. It is often used symbolically or figuratively to represent darkness.

If this is true in Duality terms…if someone of color is labeled or defined as Black, symbolically or figuratively do they represent darkness? In the old South, this is not judgment, but a symbol or symbolic description of people described as “darkies”. Does it mean they are not alive or lack some sort of intelligence? Would they be considered artificial? Would any group not described as white be artificial? Hmmm!  

Does this mean that without being in the color of White, the descriptions would be underlying…” lying” under this Duality belief system, that being an artificial color of darkness represents “artificial people?” Are you getting the idea of how divisive, and conflict ridden this definition of Black is? This description is strictly in Duality terms of conflict, opposition, and disapproval!


Again, perhaps in the Duality ideas of differences, there are similarities at the very core of the Belief Systems.

  • Let’s take the description or definition of the word White! White is defined as the lightest color and is achromatic, meaning that it has no hue. It is the opposite of the color black and can be found in objects such as milk and snow. It has a variety of associations, including coldness, sterility, and innocence. What color is white? Technically, white is not actually a color at all.

So now, let’s consider the idea of what white means at the core. Absence at the core! So, if people are described as White are they absent from each and from themselves? There is definitely a “con”flict here in this definition which includes coldness, sterility, and… really innocence? 

Looking throughout the history of the conflicts of all people of all colors and “races” who were and continue to race to the finish line as the winners and then in some time frame became the losers. But is the race over? However, the song says.. “And the Beat Goes On!”  

The Beat of artificial intelligence known as “the” Duality Programming through the “con”trol of the left computer brain that defines people, individuals, ethnic backgrounds or whatever identifiers are “labeled” on individuals, people, groups, and ethnicity.  The “They” are defined by these oppositional artificial definitions of Black and White!

In these artificial boxes of labels and identifiers of Black and White, then do people have to “act out” or “act upon” through these definitions of how they are “supposed to act, to live, to be?”  To Be or Not To Be is not the question!  The Answer is “To Be Is All! 

So!!!! In this supposition or limiting and limited Duality Belief Systems, having to be placed in either a Black or White Box throughout life, is absolutely “artificial” to the Beingness, the Aliveness, and the Creativity of all humans.

Whatever color a person is … is whatever the color of that person is! This is a fact. The distortion happens when a person, a group, or an ethnicity is defined and programmed in these Duality boxes as Black and White! 


The deliberate path to Non-Duality Consciousness is to first step out of the box or boxes of labels and to define your Self as Your Self! This first step is the deliberate, focused, and directed giant step to Freedom. Freedom from labels, from restrictions, from confinements, and the Duality Boxes of limitations.

You are Human! The Hu-man or Hu-woman. The color of diversity. Isn’t this brilliant statement “diversity is the spice of life”. Spices come in all colors and flavors. So, you do have a choice. Stay in this Black and White restrictive world of boxes, that are artificial and not intelligent.  

Or you can step out of all the boxes of the Duality restrictive and limiting programs! Open your Self to Freedom for your Self, your Body, your Spirit, and YOUR SOUL! This is the perfect time and timing to become your own NI, Your Own Natural Intelligence. Support your Self, create your Life in all the colors of the rainbow, and invent new ones.  

You Become the Paradigm Shift of Your Self from the Inside out!

“Be Your Life…Be Your NI…Your Natural Intelligence from your inside out!”
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