A client/friend of mine called me with a huge breakthrough that prompted me to write this article. He called me to tell me about these words…transferred ignorance!  How amazing! This is the perfect description of Duality.  

Throughout the ages of stages here on earth…globally….look through history without any emotional attachments and read between the lines of taught history and you will learn so much. You will actually be amazed at how history is taught through the narrow vision of a person’s perceptions without really describing the facts.



My client actually used this Sherryism in our conversation. He said, coming from a very restrictive religion, no blame or finger-pointing here…how my Sherryism really provided the impetus for this amazing descriptive… Transferred Ignorance!

We spoke for over an hour including his wife in the conversation. They both realized with “real eyes’ (this is not a commercial for my Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance, not kidding) that all of the tools over the several years we have so-called “worked” together, how profound these practical, implementable tools are. Remember to me the word practical and the word application belongs together in creating anything in your life. In their case in their lives.

They have amazing New Kids on the Block children. They both said they intend in real practical ways never to transfer ignorance to their children. These are the New Kids on the Block Parents who get that the limitations and the limits of the Duality Belief Systems, the B.S. has carried over again and again and again and again throughout history. Repeating transferred ignorance across this planet.

Who said that the white man or any color man or woman had the “inalienable” right to force other groups or races of people to change their lives, what they are doing to “fit into” some Duality program of restrictions and limitations of themselves through “transferred ignorance”? Look at the work…

“IN” “ALIEN” “ABLE”, enabling a Duality Belief System that is not natural to a certain person.

Please don’t counter with we have the best technology, the best medicine, the best of everything to provide for “others”. My answer is how come just in this country alone with all the “best of everything” chemicals we are all better off? In the US, just alone, are some of the sickest people…emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially, especially now. What is going on?

What is going on is Transferrable Ignorance to the max. What has the value of life become? This is the question to ask your Self personally in your heart. Transferrable Ignorance is again the perfect example of ALL the Duality Programs in any language of limitations and fear on this planet especially now. Especially now because of technology. Yet because of technology, this information is being shared with you the reader, who is welcome to share with anyone!

This is the best time on this planet to utilize all the technology, all the resources to connect “with” each other and begin the progress process of becoming Real Humans, non-Duality Programmed humans who are no longer willing to transfer through their biological cells of Cellular Memorization, languages that speak words of limitations, like NO, YOU CAN’T, DON’T DO THIS, NO, NO, NO! In any language, these lowest resonance words express and teach the fear of all kinds.  

As stated, verbally and written, a million times, the Duality left computer brain is the perfect in-the-head technology within the human body that affects, affects, and infects each generation through the focused and directed Duality Programs through Transferrable Ignorance. “Listen” around you at the language, the Wordology that people express. No Judgment!  The most importance, not important, importance of “listening” is to the words, the expressions, the “sentences” (that can sentence you to limitations your entire life regardless of what you have or do not have) you transfer ignorantly to your Self. This is NOT A JUDGMENT.  

Non-emotionally sticks to the facts. The more you become from my favorite view point is NEO, Non-Emotional Observer you can “see”, even “hear” and most importantly “listen”! Are the words you use supportive and of assistance to you? Or do these words negate who you really are?  Remember….



This fabulous conversation with this couple makes me smile and know they are “LISTENING TO THEMSELVES, EACH OTHER AND THEIR CHILDREN!! There are no words to describe how I feel about them in real practical ways to implement my Anshara Tools. They are not only changing their lives personally and even professionally… they are supporting and assisting their New Kids on the Block Children to have new lives. They are not Transferring Ignorance to them.  

Does it happen in one second? This couple is creating, implementing, manifesting, and actualizing becoming Real Humans and showing the way for their own New Kids on the Block. The tools make sense. 

As in life, this is an ongoing amazing progressive process of gaining knowledge and expansion to Newness! What is the Newness? For each and every person at any age or stage, this is creativity in action or actualized… creating expansion of something or creating something that has never been done before or created again in the most remarkable conscious ways! 

This actualization happens through the connection to the human heart. It doesn’t happen through the Duality programmed left computer brain that transfers ignorance for “con”trol and manipulation. Let’s vision together what this world can be with Real Humans in charge!!! No longer “con”trolled disallowing you and everyone who chooses to be Non-Duality Conscious from the natural innate talents with you and each of us to “create”. Who knows what creations can be actualized!!!

As an impetus to this article, my Newness direction is to create two schools with the focus to teach Train the Trainers and Train the Facilitators teaching the future of medicine now from within the Cellular Memory of the Body. With focus is to create and actualized a New Kids on the Block School for these New Kids on the Block. The classes would include their parents. If anyone interested or have any questions, please let me know at sherry@sherryanshara.com           


“What I say makes my day…and what I say can make or break someone else’s day!”
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