Wow, this sounds like an oxymoron!  Stability is instable??? WHAT? Well, in Duality, Instability is the perfect mechanism to keep you, me, and everyone off-line in a manner of speaking!  WHY? This is the waiting for the ax to fall.  When will the bottom drop off? When will this “stuff” end? Waiting for the shoe to drop! What is really going on? Who knew? Oops, I did it or someone else did it again!!!  Or we all did “it”, whatever it is, again!

The idea of stability is Duality in the do-over program. Look throughout history…when is there not a war on this planet somewhere in the world? When is there not a trauma drama in a family, in a business, in a career, in a relationship, personal or professional? When? When? When?

Even the idea of peacetime, can keep you and/or everyone in “pieces”.  This is waiting for the shoe to drop, the ax to fall, or picking up the pieces to maintain “peace” in a situation.  Yet does any of this really work?  How many lives and deaths does it take to have peace/piece?

The sound of the noise of the instability of the Duality stability paradigm is so deafening! Yet the ears go deaf, the sighted go blind, not in actually! What happens is the best description… “Never saw it happening”! Never heard this situation could happen to me, or you, or everyone. Not ever!

Yet in Duality the stability of the instability is a resonance that emits or puts out a frequency and vibration of discombobulation to the core. Again, the yet shows up.  How can this be happening?  How many countries around the world and the populace of these countries got sucked into a war, many many killed, too many to count, and sometimes even the name of the countries changed.  

Another yet, people “survived”. They rose out of the ashes of the destruction. Another yet!  What is that everyone is looking for to happen? The word is stability.  The stability or permanence of consistency. Yet? The consistency of peace, which is the imaginary in between times of the instability of the so-called stability eventually, again and again, falls to “pieces”.

This article is not about being “negative”. This article is about significantly, as NEO, the Non-Emotional Observer, “seeing” the facts of Duality. Feeling how the resonance of Duality is a perpetrator of instability patterns of interaction “forced” upon people/humans in both their personal and professional lives.

The amazing thing, no judgment, that throughout the ages and stages on this planet Earth, technology, what it is or was at a particular time, uprooted, again no judgment, the stability of a paradigm or model of how things are or were working. From ox and cart to horse and buggy, to cars the modes of transportation changed lives. Yet transported from one time line to another in the Duality stability of instability!

The resistance to change created instability. Didn’t matter how long a paradigm is or was in place, someone or something created a shift. Many times, these shifts provided new ways to go to war. Though war may appear as an extreme inconvenience and detriment to life, even with deaths, the search for stability is pursued. 

These searches can be called in-between times. The times in between these wars, individual, personal, families, business, factions, groups, cliques, states, and/or countries. Even during peacetime, there is preparation for “war”!  Duality is the paradigm of the perpetuation and spread of war. 

More times than not the war inside you, known or unknown, as Self-judgement permeates every cell, molecule, and particle in your body to the subatomic level of you and everyone at one point or another. Duality is the programming and the language that supports this division of war inside you. This is the perpetuation of Self-Doubt, Self-Judgment, and Inner Self-War! Most of the time this resonance of the stability of instability is “felt” (another yet) is ignored.  

This act of instability is called… “if you don’t address this “something” or talk about this something deep with you that is troubling or bothering you, “if I pretend this “something bothering me doesn’t exist, then I can…. Ignore my Self.  Until?  

The until comes in the form of the pretend stability of the instability called pain.  Pain in the body is the body’s attempt to get your attention. The stability of the instability is the war in the Duality left computer brain that “pretends” that the conflict is not happening.  

Without judging any of the instability, the best way to, not avoid the instability, is to connect to your body in the place or places of pain. Whatever area or system is related to the pain. Most ideas of Duality label the issues in your tissues. To come up with a “die”agnois for the problem. Not judging this medical model.  Here’s another yet. Yet your body is so intelligent and so smart to get your attention.

The more attention to pay to your Self, not Childish Adult Ego based, but your Perfect Child Within is supporting and assisting you to address the issues in your tissues in a clear conscious Non-Duality way or ways. The purpose is to stop the unconscious war inside of you and for that matter for everyone who is willing to opt out of the confines, restrictions, and instabilities of the Duality left brain programming.  

The purpose individually and together as the amazing species called humans is to stop the inner individual unconscious or conscious war inside to shift the resonance both individually and collectively. This creates a “paradigm shift” in the most practical, remarkable, and empowered ways to “take back” the Power of you and everyone beyond the limitations of the Duality “stories” of conflict and war beginning with YOU!



“Stability is the resonance of your connected heart!”
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