As the best way to explain this Self-Denial/Self-Judgment Program…. Quoting a client/friend of mine… this person stated “It is all about me, my totality of experiences now in this lifetime and throughout my continuum, I denied my Self over and over again! Didn’t matter where I lived or what I had, or what I did or did not do…my “plague” is and was repeated through my own Left Computer Brain of Self-Denial and Self-Judgement of my Self! This programming affected me physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and financially…as you said “Sherry what is the cost to not investing my own life or lifetimes and always being less than!”  WOW!

This is an astonishing “revelation” within this person!  The “coming to grips” with the plethora of emotional issues that affected, effected, and infected this really smart person’s mindset. The experiences experienced in this client’s experiences from attitude, and outlook to approaching life through this debilitating Duality Belief System. Self-Denial and Self Judgment reigned in this person’s life. Flavoring this client’s experiences of always being less, always “hiding” and focused on never being “seen” as described as “I am better off alone!”

Throughout all the identifiers of being a child, teenager, young adult, spouse, parent, friend, or whatever staying in the background, denying one’s abilities and intelligence, always being less than, please get how much time and creativity is wasted in living a full life under these emotional Left Computer Brained traumas that started early in life.  

At three or four, an idea of a “crippling” event that had happened and was completely unaddressed at that early age…under the guise that children forget as they “grow up” is ridiculous. The body stores all of one’s experiences. Unless they are addressed both in the body and the Left Computer Brain in a Conscious way, physically and emotionally physically, the body begins to break down at the Cellular level. The trauma of Cellular Memorization then overrides the Clear Cellular Memory of health cells!  

In this “frame of mind” actually framed the construction of all the relationships throughout this person’s life, including the person! The core of the issues began for this person at three years old and magnified at four years old setting patterns and behaviors that absolutely drained this person’s ability to participate fully in life. Self-Denial and Self Judgment became the way of life!

For over 30 years teaching about the differences between Cellular Memory and Cellular Memorizations of the Duality Program, this example of this person is the “perfect” illustration of what happened in the past. For instance, when someone fills out my intake sheet with a list of problems from anxiety, depression, cancer, physical and emotional, and pain with the unlimited labels of “diagnoses” of descriptions of illness, disease, or dysfunction, the core of the Cellular Memorizations come to the forefront of the problem.

The remarkable sameness to these issues, though appearing so different, at the core of the emotional traumas of the Cellular Memorizations that override the pure and healthy Cellular Memory, each issue a person’s tissues are labeled as the description of the illness, disease, and/or dysfunction. Yet at the core of when these traumas occur, even in the womb, it is the Cellular Memorizations at any age or state of a person’s life in which these traumatic experiences occur, the person, especially in these young ages, does not have the capacities to understand, let alone have the skills to explain what is happening to him or her.  

These traumatic occurrences, because they are physical and physically emotional are trapped in any area of the body. When this happens, the healthy cells are as traumatized as the person’s capacity to discern what is or has happened. These traumatizations are buried both physically and emotionally physical in the person’s cells, particles, and molecules to the subatomic levels within the person’s body. 

Of course, this is not conscious of the person. This is why just talking about the past repeats the experiences over and over again in the Left Computer Brain. The left “computer” brain is on overload and challenges the body. Wherever in the Left Computer Brain is connected to various areas, regions, or places in the body, an emotional and physical template “changes” these cells that make up organs, systems, and places in the body. They in a manner of speaking “fester”.

Along the aging process of a person, these areas are weakened. Unless addressed clearly Consciously, the breakdowns continue throughout the person’s life. What happens is the “diagnoses” of illness, disease, or dysfunction! Whatever the labels are and the physical “structures” of the problems in the human body, the results, though they appear different, are assigned different labels of sickness, they are the same!  

They are the ramifications of the very physical emotionality and the physicalness of the problems that are identified within the body as sickness. The common denominator comes from these emotional and physical traumas at any age or stage of life, again even in the womb! So… when someone fills out my intake sheet, the information is so valuable. WHY? Because these issues identified by the labels or diagnoses describe the emotional traumas immediately. Remarkable!

Comprehending that all illness is emotionally based, many times in the person’s lifetime, it is stated as a diagnosis that this or that caused the problem. It is the “breakdown” of the healthy cells from both the physical and the physical emotionality attached to the origination point that created the illness from the trauma!

The timeline is the measurement of how short or long it took for the breakdown of the healthy cells within the body to establish the illness. Sometimes the problem doesn’t always show up as an illness but as dysfunctional behavioral patterns of the person involved.  These are the patterns, more times than not, they become the repeated patterns and structures of behavior by the emotionally challenged person from his or her past!

As NEO Non-Emotional Observer of Self, it becomes obvious that the limiting and many times destructive patterns of behavior are Self Evident! Even when sickness or illness is not the diagnosis, it is the label of “Why do you act this way or that way!” Here are some drugs to sedate you! What a solution… NOT!

When someone is “willing” to get to the core or the origination point of the trauma, then this amazing practical “magical” focused experience begins to arise from within the person’s body. It is called RESOLUTION. With Resolution, there is not a real clear Solution!!!

Back to the person at the beginning of this article. So commend this person who is finally “consciously willing” to address what happened. The best part is not in the blaming of parents or anyone else including this client not blaming Self! The person did not have the practical tools now available (no commercial) through my Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance. My AHA! Method!

So excited for this person, who is now standing up and speaking out. For sure an Involved Conscious Evolution occurs from the inside out!  It is a process? YES. The difference is this is a Progressive Process of knowing, understanding, and then totally and completely COMPREHENDING that there is no fault anymore. 


The best, the very best is this person is really stepping into the power within.  Is this person’s life-changing? Yes. The best this person is the creating, implementing, manifesting, and actualizing the changes without any traumas, drama, blame, or shame. Standing in TRUTH from the inside out!

This is the perfect example of creating Newness through boldness and willingness to be one’s own Self!  No more impact of a past that is not changeable. The greatest Self-Denial or Self-Judgment is no longer repeatable or viable. Newness unfolds, conscious creativity happens and life is GOOD!


“BE Unconditionally Acceptance of YOUR SELF!”
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