For years and years, the teachings through the Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance, anxiety at the emotional core is “Unrealistic Expectations”! In our everyday life, we are told to expect this, expect that. Expect the weather to turn “bad”, expect the weather to be “perfect”! Expect this and expect that!   


Expectations are not real.  Expectations are made up through the Duality Left Computer Brain. Expectations are prospects, outlooks, “hopes” (yuck, hopey, wishy wanty needy), and perhaps even opportunities. All these identifiers are by the thesaurus. So What!!

When we are pushed into expectations, they are usually based on someone else’s idea about what we are doing! A fact? Yes!  Expectations are not bad or good. Expectations are not real. Expectations are for sure not great!


How do expectations stifle your creativity? Very easy. Expectations stop the creative process by limiting what can happen. The results are stifled. No wonder anxiety is the emotional issue in your tissues as you stifle your Self unknowingly through a very narrow band of expected results.

Makes no sense at all. When you or anyone is in expectation, you are in the outcome pushing your Self into a future that has not happened. This is very dysfunctional and not fun at all. Creativity is meant to be fun, to be exciting, to be valuable to what you are creating.

As you push your Self into a future that has not yet happened, you are in the neverland of floundering instead of being in the current moment of your physicality and your intentions to create practical and even profitable results. The profitability can be based on money. Or it can be based on the profitability of a great relationship, personal and/or professional that is supportive and assisting.  

When your project into a future that has not yet happened, you are in the never-never land of non-action, hoping, wishing, and wanting something to happen.  What happens? Nothing happens.  You are taking out the manifested actuality that occurs when you create at the moment and stay in the moment. 

When your project into a future that has yet to be created, you are missing the point of creation and creativity in its physical form of whatever your intentions are that you are creating. When you are expectations that are not real or viable or tangible, disappointment sets in. There is no matter or form to your expectations.

In a way, your expectations are floating around in the ethers, with no mass or matter. So what is the matter? There is no matter! There are no physical results from your emotional hooks to expectations. OMG!  

Now you can see that expectations are not real. They may be an idea. However, to create into physical matter what you are intent on creating, you are actually creating something viable for you and your life. A relationship, a business, an event, a situation, an experience… whatever you are intent on creating. You are making something happen in your world, your physical life!

Expectations are wishy-washy. Expectations have no physical matter to them. They are an idea, yet not an idea that has manifested and actualized. To have something for real manifest and actualize in your life, you must put your energy, your focus, and your Self into producing what you intended to make happen in your life. You make your life real in all the ways you plan your creative ideas and intentions to happen. You make your life REAL and what you intend is the physical reality and realities you “mean” to happen.




Be involved physically and intentionally in what you are choosing for your life. Be Real. Be the focus. Be your intent and your intentions. 


“Deliberate intentions eliminate unreliable expectations!”
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