What does it mean to be limited? What are the limitations? What is limited? Limited? These are great questions, especially to ask your Self. As you go through your life, reflect back, not put your Self in the past, only as information gathering of the WHY’s of what happened. Remember you can’t change the WHAT’s that happened or continue to happen until you get to the WHY’s! The Why’s become the cores of the WHAT’s that… “What Happened?”

There can be no solution unless you can comprehend completely the resolutions of these so-called limitations in your life. Without self-blame, the be-lame game, self-regret, self-remorse, and/or even self-shame based upon what you didn’t do, or should have done is a complete waste of your energy and your time.

Why? When you place your energy into the past, that is completely unchangeable, you are wasting your time, you are not in the current moment and you are “bleeding” your life’s energy out of you, sending it into a past that does not exist. What happens? You lower your immune system. You are literally making your Self sick!  

By sticking your Self back into a timeline that is completely over, you are actually draining your aliveness by “forcing” your energy from your body into a place and/or space that does not exist. When you do this, you are really, for really making your Self sick. Your body does the best it can to keep alive. You are in a sense killing your Self one cell, one particle, one molecule to the sub-atomic level of you, draining your own body of life!  Doesn’t make sense!

Through the Duality programs of limitations, the energetic resonance in your “con”trollable left computer brain is “forced” into limitations. One of the main reasons is your left computer brain is disconnected from your right brain.  Your right brain is connected to your female side (non-gender) which in actuality is the mechanism that organizes the templates of what you are creating. In other words, your right brain is the director through your left female side to organize all that you are creating in your life, personally and professionally.

Your left brain is connected to your male (not gender) right side which organizes what you are “man”ifesting through the connection of your right brain, and the left female side of you along with your body’s ability to implement what you are creating and manifesting.  The brilliance is when both sides of your brain are connected consciously, you and your body, with your heart in alignment with your arms and hands, you “actualize” what is in this four-step progressive process:

  1. Create
  2. Implement
  3. Manifest
  4. Actualize

This is being the Godness within you. However and there are many however, that when you are only using your left computer brain through your right male manifesting side, you miss the “whole” parts of your Self and skip the implementation and actualization of your creativity.

What happens? You become limited. In the limitations, your left computer brain gets stuck like a computer in old programming. You are stuck. You then repeat over and over through your emotions which fuel your left computer brain to be limited.  

Your left computer brain and your male manifesting side, for real, in your physical world currently as in the past times of Duality, you become the resonance of limitations. Your left computer brain thinky thinks you are limited, whether you are conscious or aware or not. Your left computer brain runs the Duality programming of limitations.

In this “ill”usions of Duality, your left computer brain resonates with limitations. Your left computer brain has an unlimited number of Duality programs that are ALL founded upon limitations. Without this connection of both sides of your amazing computer brain, you are operating on a system that is outdated. You are operating on half a brain.

Even the Duality programs divide you up as a left or right-brainer. Instead of being a whole person using all the intelligence and intellect in your body, your Cellular Memory, you are using half of a computer expecting to get the full monty of your intelligence.  Impossible. Your left computer brain gets overloaded and you can not “compute”!

Duality is the programmed non-computer, addiction to limitations through all the programming to keep in less than, no matter what.  No matter what is no matter how much education or degrees, or successes, you will be addicted to waiting for the ax to fall. The fall can come in the form of illness of any kind, any description, where ever your body is the weakest from being addicted to a “less than” program.  

These less than programs affect, effect, and infect your very life.  You are infected at the very core of your cellular, molecular structure to the subatomic levels of you. In Duality, especially now, you and so many are addicted to getting sick, being sick, trying to get well, and the Duality beat goes on that makes you sick. 

In the Duality programs, you are even given the Duality physical reasons for your illness or even your demise. Yet the real reason or reasons if you are programmed from the very minute the sperm hits the egg and you are here.  

So why a change or a shift? This is the perfect timing right now to elevate your Self out of the confines of the resonance of Duality.  Addictions are the label of Duality Behaviors. This is not just about drugs prescriptions or street drugs to keep you being your Self, this is about the “marketing” of Duality for you to “get” addicted to being less than you really are!

The TRUTH is YOU ARE an amazing human who deserves to be clear, be Non-Duality Conscious, and create your Self as you choose your life to be healthy, productive, and long enjoy the fruits of your Self-Created Conscious Life!


“Addiction is unnatural…Non-Duality Consciousness is Freedom to be you!”
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