What has ALWAYS occurred to me, is this idea of the word concept!!! What is a concept? A concept is an idea, a notion, a thought, a perception, an impression, a theory, a model, a hypothesis, a view, a “belief”, and/or a construct!  Now from a Duality “viewpoint”, which Duality is about “con”trol and “man”ipulation to the max, just consider with all these descriptions, how easily you, me, or anyone and/or everyone is being given the opportunities to be “con”trolled. In any language, in any dialect, in any way, shape, or form!

Duality has so many forms of wheeling and dealing with Belief Systems! The B.S., in any language, religion, ethnicity, metaphyzzler, education, “programming”, this is the best word “persuasion”, all these avenues, and the list goes on and on. Concepts are the first underlying foundations of the “man”euvering people, regardless of their background or whatever languages they speak, concepts start the ball rolling that literally roll people up into the never-ending, “con”trolling baiting, affecting, effecting, and infecting groups of people, populations, groups to be “swayed” into another version of a former version of control!

Consider the world wars. WWI was the war to end all wars. What a concept for this model of killing machines. People killing each other globally, for the first time, in this concept of global war with this fabulous slogan…the War to End All Wars! Well… how did that work for humans? Not so much!

What about the Korean War, which was not a war but a “Police Action”.  WOW! What a concept to label this “war” a police action. No, not forgetting WWII! Look at the friends and the enemies! Nazis, the Fascists, and the Dai Nippon Teikoku (the Empire of Japan). These guys are all best friends to dominate the world. This “is” at that time their concept to get together and rule!  Of course, these are the bad guys. Yet not to them!

Then there are the Americans, the English, and the Russians, best friends during WWII. The US lent money, equipment, men, and even civilians to “help” them win this horrific war. To make sure this group wins they joined “forces” (Duality is all about the force, not individual Power) to rule the world. As you read this do not consider a “concept” that I am judging any of this. Being NEO since I was a kid, the Non-Emotional Observer, and a “reader” of “his”tories, it became so evident, the way people are manipulated through “concepts”. A lot of people died!

This “concept” of war, has affected, effect, and infected the human race and all the people that are included in the human “race” to war, regardless of their backgrounds or where they lived in the world. The resonance of war is not only infused individually, this resonance is infused “collectively”! What does this mean?  Every living person has a field, called an aura, electromagnetic field, and bio-energy field, all the same! What is emanating from these fields, first individually and then collectively becomes the resonance of a particular area or the world.  War is a resonance. It is a resonance that is manipulated through the concept of fear, which becomes the Duality realities of fear.  

Does War have a timeline? Of course, in the resonance of Duality, war is the resonance. The most amazing aspect of this resonance is that it begins within each person. The inner war results in the out war individually and then collectively. The war within relationships.  You can call these experiences families, marriages, friends, and/or enemies. They can come in all sorts of flavors that could be identified in any given era or timeline…as personal and professional “relationships”. The big issue is who is the one that “con”trols the situations, the experiences, and the “outcomes”? The winner of course. Yet..wait… the winner becomes the loser and the loser becomes the winner. Does this sound like the never-ending stories of war? Does war have to involve everyone at once is it a concept to be “right or wrong”? This is the premise of Duality. OMG

Remember the movie the War of the Roses? The perfect example of the perfect marriage that became the “con”cept, whose concept of the perfect marriage. Yet, there is a clause, not Santa Clause the bearer of “gifts”, which states in the perfectly arranged marriage vows, till Death Do Us Part! Hmmm and an underlying concept, that resulted in both of them killing each other in the no-win War of the Roses. But wait!! They both won, they died to be “right” and the other to be “wrong”. OMG, the perfect example of Duality.


Concept to results. Even the idea of Peace is the “group” with the biggest bombs. Peace is based on fear. What a concept! What are the first three letters of the word concept…”CON”! Concepts are not real. Concepts are just an impression or an agenda of a ruling group, and could even be called a government, a religion, a sect, a re-education platform, a clique, a faction, a camp, or a “party (really) which can influence the left computer brain of an individual and then the left computer brains of groups of individuals “con”ceptualize the “con”trol through a “con”cept of you against them, them against you, a group against another group, a country against another country! And then in the coming attractions, the WAR of the Worlds…with those bad “extra” terrestrials who are now planning to destroy humans.

Actually, humans have been doing a great job of destroying themselves. The War on drugs, the war on homelessness, the war on poverty, the war on….and the list goes on and on! Yet the underlying issue is the advent, the invention, the creation, the recreation of a concept that usually doesn’t have a very “nice” outcome/results for someone. Yes, for sure there are winners, there are “friends”, there are allies! But Wait!! A New Concept has arrived! Let’s be enemies and see who wins! OMG!

Duality is amazing. Through this article, there are numerous words or descriptions in their own thought ball patterns of language or letters put together to describe the same thing. A concept is a concept. But wait again! When the concept is given life…the physical action into actualization in the realm of “con” of Duality, there must always be a winner and loser.. til death does someone part this world. But wait! There is always the Karma, Lessons, and Reincarnation so you can come back and do it again. The chance to get even!!! WOW!

Duality is the worst case of Death ever imagined. Yet it is so predictable with the same results. The ending or death of something which includes “someone”. Does it have to be this way? NO. This is what getting Non-Duality Conscious is all about. This is what growth, expansion, “ascension” (no woo woo), rising above the B.S. (not higher and lower) which becoming Non-Duality is all about. The word for Non-Duality can be described in one fabulous word….


Life is about allowing being Your Self, to create, implement, manifest, and actualized YOU! This is not selfish…this is Centered on Self! YOU came to this planet, so many times before, yet this is your time to become YOU! To experience JOY of connection. First with your Self and then with others. To create the experiences you came here to experience fearlessly, with adventure, and with fun!

“A proof of concept is Duality…The Truth is REAL!”
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