From Trauma to Drama!

From the earliest stages of you, you are like an IPOD, downloading, uploading experiences on a second by second, nano by nano of your Self, you are infused with information, some positive and some not so positive.  With the English language saturated with more negative words than positive, your experiences become overloaded with the wrong and bad programs of pessimism.  With this pessimistic foundation for the backdrop of your experiences, the only way you can survive, especially through childhood, is to take these experiences, embed them deeply in the cellular level of the body, forget them, go out of body, sometimes deny the experiences and bare the brunt of your emotional body that is trying to protect you.

Each traumatic experience is stacked up on the ones that came before.  Soon, it is a challenge to stay conscious or be able to focus on positive productivity.  Your physical, over the years or stages of your life, begins to break down.  The result is illness, depression, anxiety, cancer… the list goes on. Wherever the body is the weakest genetically or biologically, the body eventually surrenders.  The body can not keep up with the emotional ups and downs, the emotional hits.

Your body has all your answers. When you are ready, and being ready can happen at any stage of your life, is when you say to your Self…enough is enough!  This physical and emotional pain are just not working for me.  All of these traumas from the past replay over and over again as the drama.  Being an adult by age doesn’t cut it when your body is processing the emotionally painful trauma from the womb, childhood, teenage or young adulthood.  The “hood” is what has prevented you from not only seeing but feeling your own feelings.

The traumas are just that…traumatic.  They embed in the cells and remain there, festering until that point of time, when you say to your Self…. “no matter what, I can no loner go on being frustrated, anxious or getting sick”.  The traumas follow you around, manifesting the dramas.  The more painful the dramas, the more your body attempts to get your attention by creating the pain.  Drugging or denying the pain does not work. Drugs are not the answer, they are the cover-up.  But eventually the cover-up surfaces while the body gets sicker and sicker, emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and/or financially. Acknowledging your body’s messages is the first giant step to healing the past traumas.

The quicker you acknowledge and thank your body for getting your attention, the quicker you move forward in healing the traumas of the past that manifested as the emotional dramas in your current life.  They are one and the same!  Give your body the attention that your body deserves to have to resolve the past. With a resolution to the emotional trauma, the solution happens.  You are no longer tied to the past, to the experience or to the individuals involved.  Remember they have also been traumatized.  This is not excusing them, but hanging on to the past does not serve you.  Leave them in the past where they belong.  Even if they are a part of your life now, you do not have to be hooked into the past relationship.  Set your own parameters of how the relationship is or is not for you.  You have the power.   The traumas no longer take your power away…the dramas disappear.  Now you can live your life trauma drama free!


There’s a period of life when we swallow a knowledge of ourselves and it becomes either good or sour inside.

– Pearl Bailey

Tips for Healthy Living:

  1. Positive Self Talk
  2. Connect to your Body
  3. Be a Conscious inventor of your Body from the inside out
  4. Take time out of your day to breath into your Body
  5. Love the emotional pain out of your Body
  6. Remember this is the Body you chose, so be glad for your Body
  7. Treat your Body to a massage, reflexology, or some nurturing therapy

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