This is definitely one of the most challenging times on this planet. We are moving beyond Duality and the issues of right, wrong, good, bad, up, down, etc. Moving beyond Duality is not just an “earth thing”. Moving beyond Duality is a “Universe thing” too.
Duality’s Belief Systems are breaking down. Look around you. The systems are collapsing. The illusional dream looks like a nightmare right now.

Everyone’s molecules are being shaken to the core. The old paradigm is not functioning. Perhaps it never did, but it was what we had. For whatever reason we had to have these dysfunctional Belief Systems, we had them. So what? What dysfunctional Belief Systems? You mean the ones that make you less, made someone outside of you greater than you, that decreed your “creed” would be to live for the elite, to live for someone else’s idea of you, to live your life inside someone’s else boundaries, locked in limited Belief Systems. Hooray! You can let go. You can take charge of your life. This is the time to do it!

This is the time to reflect consciously, without dwelling on the past, whether good, bad or indifferent, to see the times you gave up your power. Consciously reflect on those times, without the emotional hooks, when you acquiesced to someone else, to some one’s Belief Systems, to a group, a dogma, an “anything” that made you less, made you wrong against your Self, made you anything other than your Self. These times can now give you the sought after answers. You have your answers, no one else. Get busy asking your Self the correct questions…. “Like why am I hanging on to stuff that is so over?” Why am I hanging on to anything, relationships, situations, conditions…that are so not serving me?” You hang on because of Duality’s Belief Systems. Now you don’t have to hang on anymore!

Guess what? We are all in this transitional gap, the split, the place right in the center of the shift. You can go either way. You can go back down Duality’s path of dysfunction, Judgment, Lack and Take-Aways of your life. Or you can step up and move beyond Duality. What does that mean to you? It means, that becoming conscious, taking the reigns of your life! This transitional gap has to do with you healing your Self at your core: emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically and financially. This transitional gap is your opportunities, yes.. plural…opportunities to release the old jargon, the old dysfunction, destructive behavioral patterns and your old limited Belief Systems.

This split is the place you Become….your Self. This is the gap between unconscious limitation and conscious unlimitedness. This is the transitional space to raise your vibration and frequency above the dense, low based frequency and vibration of Duality. In this gap, it may appear that your challenges are getting more difficult. The Truth is this low based vibrational field of density is moving up and out of your body. Your body is purging all the crap! Let it happen. Don’t fight any of it.

Stay in the gap, stay in this transitional place. You are birthing your Self. You are not re-birthing. There is the choice to get conscious or not. Some people will opt to stay in Duality. Make sure you are not one of those who opts to stay unless you get the emotional non-productive addictive highs to the ups and downs and the trauma dramas.
This transitional gap has no time. Whatever time it takes for you to let go and get into your Power is up to you. One minute, one day, one week, one month, one year or one decade, the time frame is up to you. Go for the shortest linear period of time.

Why drag your Becoming your Self into a long stretch of time. Time is what you make it now. Before in Duality’s Belief Systems, time ruled you. Moving forward out of Duality from the space of the transitional gap, time is in your hands. The time period of this transitional gap is up to you. This is a personal journey now.

This is not a collective journey anymore. This is THE actualization of the Shift. Whichever collective consciousness you choose will make the difference in how you create and live your life. It is all about frequency and vibration. This is all about Becoming a conscious creator. This is your clear consciousness in action.

To move out of the gap, in whatever time frame you choose, raising your consciousness to a frequency and vibration above the density of Duality and move out of limitation. Is there a problem? It is only a problem if you do not “think” you deserve more!!! You do deserve more. You deserve the BEST!

No matter what is going out in the outside world, the outside world is Duality. Your inside world at your core cellular level of conscious Truth is emerging. Free your Self from Duality’s bondage. Yes, it takes courage and bravery to let go. You thought the pain was real. The pain was your body’s attempt to get your attention that Duality and Duality’s programs of illness, disease, conflict and war does not work. You can’t make the unworkable work.

Guess what you are “shifting” this planet, this place, your life out of Duality. You are a significant paradigm shifter. Love this transitional gap. You are upping the stakes and raising the vibrational field of your human body and this planet. You are leaving the building of limitations so to speak. No longer resonating to limitation, your consciousness is creating the new Earth.

This transitional gap is the place of choice. You either choose to move up the frequency and vibration ladder of consciousness and leave Duality behind while you are living in your human body. Or you make an emotional decision to stay and re-live the death grip that Duality calls Karma, Lessons and Re-carnation. Free Your Self! The coming attractions is the New Earth, not another version of the old Duality Earth. You are the paradigm shifter. The shift is over. This gap is the perfect place of transition. Enjoy your personal power ride.