OMG Einstein, please don’t roll over in the dimension you are currently in because of this article. So how does relativity relate to your current life? Or my life? Or anyone’s life? Well, this is the point of this article there may be NO RELATIVITY that you can relate! Hmmm!

So here is the rub. How have you or any of us been “caught up” in the relativity of your relationships with your relatives that just somehow do not relate to you in any way? Or perhaps you as a “relativity” in a relationship that your relatives cannot relate to you!

OMG, can I relate? OH YES! I can relate. In my own family, my mother gave me the best “handle”… “Sherry, where did you come from?”  Now, this is a great question. As I look at my three older siblings, that were almost teenagers when I showed up in the family, what a difference in our “ideas” of being in this family.

For them, I am forever grateful and “great” “filled”. There was absolutely no baby talk.  My sister once said I sounded like a “midget” or a little person with this huge vocabulary because of them. I spoke like a teenager thanks to them as a little child even at three years old with this amazing vocabulary. Believe it or not, they also provide me with some very teenage “mature” insight into life.  Now teenage and insight to some may seem like an oxymoron, but this is not the case!  I adored them, especially when so many times they let me “hang-out” with them and their teenage friends. I swear sometimes I was a mascot!

Anyway back to relativity and relations which are relationships. Sometimes two ships pass in the night but two ships collide with each other in a familial setting! Or in some cases, a group family conflict more times than not narrows the focus to one person!

This is in no way judgmental! Yet the fact is in this supposed theory of relativity, the relatives do not seem to have anything relative to each other besides biology. Here is a scenario… “You are mother’s favorite!… You are fathers’ favorite…You are the trouble maker…You weren’t planned… You were an accident… You did this.. You did that… OMG and the list of the theory and actualization of not being relative to the relatives is very challenging!

The problem with this idea of relativity is that relationships, whatever the assigned label in a particular time in the family, just doesn’t quite “fit in”, the dynamics of this relative relativity are challenged to the max.  My favorite description is… “Sherry, where did you come from?”  Now I do have my ideas. Actually I have the answer to that question! However, my answer “was” and still “is” not relative to many of my relatives without judging them or ME!

So… What to do? What do to? Well, the best thing to do is to NOT DO ANYTHING! The best way is to realize with “real eyes’ that though there may be a biological connection, there is no connection of resonance. Just a fact.  

Each person in the familial structure picked or chose a particular timeline, place, and persona with this group of people! OMG, How could anyone dare call a family a group of people? Don’t get Duality Emotional within Your Self.  You “picked” this role. Now get over it!

No judgment. No blame. Stick to the facts. Release, let go, dump the emotional Duality Belief System, the B.S. structures of what and how a family is supposed to be according to whom and what? Each person in this “tribal” community is called a family, each has their agendas, their own scripts, their own ways, their own “whatever’s”! So the best way at times is to let go of how you are supposed to relate to the “them” in your family! Even better… is to let go of how you Duality “thinky thinky” that this family of relatives, small or large in number, is supposed to relate to you.

From my own experiences, there were times throughout my life growing up… a mute point… I related to each sibling in different ways at different times of my life and different times of their lives. What amazing experiences we had together.  Sometimes fabulous and sometimes fabulously not so fabulous. Can you relate? Hmmm

So the non-moral of the stories is to get out of your left computer brain “stories” and embrace the experiences with a relative or relatives in which no one was relating to each other! And yet, deep within each the relativity of the connections to a relative or relatives, when you stop judging any of these experiences, you will discover that you don’t have to relate. Give your Self permission to not be relative and still be relatives in the relativity of the relationship or relationships!

WOW! What a load off your shoulders and even theirs.  So the moral of the “stories” is there is no moral or point to this relativity! So make the relationships that you have especially in your biological family and even your non-biological family, that what you are being in this group is relative to the truth of you. Set your Self and them Free from the boxes of Duality that separate you from your Self and from the “others”



“Relate to Your Self through Unconditional Acceptance and you can relate to others freely!”
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