How amazing the Spin of Duality spins you, me, them, everyone out of life.  Take “it” and you will be safe.  Don’t take “it” and you will be safe.  Whatever the “it” is, there is always the spin to keep you, me, them, everyone under the mesmerizing “spin” that gets spun out, not out of “con”trol, but to spin all of us out into the Matrix, running through the electromagnetic resonances of the “con”. WHY?

The Matrix is the “ Duality boxes”, the webs of those in “con”trol of all life on this planet. OMG no there is a conspiracy.  No, I am not a conspiracy theorist.  Just stating the facts!  Who are the ones who “spin” the yarns, the stories, the “cons”, the Duality realities that affect, affect and infect all life here on this planet that is spinning through the Universe?  

Who are they? Ask your Self?  This could be time to name names or not!  No judging.  Stick to the FACTS!  What leader, “head”, what authority figure, what guru, what person(s), what Duality Belief System expert, specialist, etc, the figure(s) who claimed to know more about you than you?  Who is the “person” or persons you unconsciously Duality gave permission to tell you, they know how you are supposed to live your life, do their “right” way, pointing you out as on the “wrong” path, the who’s that stated without them, you are nothing?  WOW!  Who are these “they”?

Duality is the crafted Matrix by the “them”, whomever they are over the eons, ages, stages, timelines, who claimed you in all these places as the authority figures.  Ask Your Self from your Inside out, in your heart, in your clear consciousness that is not “crafted” for you to be against your Self, who put them in the place of authority

How did they do this?  From the beginning, when no one could read or write, the “they” told everyone, including you if you lived in that timeline what to do, how to live, and assigned the role to be limited.  You must be the followers.

Then reading, writing and arithmetic were taught.  Yet who wrote the manuals, the books, the ways, the means, and the messages that made you, as a human, to be less, to worship the authority figures that dribbled out the Duality programming.  

OMG! do they have patience? Yes, because you, me, all of us are here to “serve” them.  OMG! What? You are not supposed to serve your Self.  Oh yes, there may be aha moments from time to time, but the indelible left brain-computer programming of ALL the Duality “con”trol scenarios are very difficult to sort out, to work out, to sort out!!!  This is why, this is key to why the Do-Over, repeatable historical and hysterical, not funny, is repeatable.  Yes, we ALL did it again and again and again!

Well, guess what this is the time, the place, and “space”, these current moments to being the Non-Duality process of connecting to your Self from your inside out.  This is the TIME.

TI-ME, no more tying me or you or all of us!

Time is increments of space in the space-time continuum to create

The experiences you, me ALL of came here to this Earth, this part of

The Universe to create Consciously the experiences we came here to

Create and experience using our Non-Duality, unlimited Self Generated

Creativity.  This is exploration, this is experiencing our own Selves. 

This is being, living, and creating as the Godness Beings Real Humans are!

Give up, release, let go, cancel, dump, etc, the limited Duality Belief Systems,

The B.S. that has confined you spinning in their “con”trol for eons.

The Truth is, does it matter who they are. Actually NO!  Why give them any Power over you, me, or ALL of us. This is the time of Collections!  We are collecting our Selves individual and collectively to resonance freedom from “them” and from the “con”trol of the Duality Left Brain Programming.  

This programming is the Spin.  The spin that keeps you, me, and All of us spinning through the next or newest versions of the Duality “con”trol, of Self-Division, dividing us from our Selves and each other.  The perfect Spin Emotional Stories of WAR.  You, me, us, ALL divided. Duality’s perfection of Divide and Conquer and “con”trol  So the point is…This is the time, the amazing increments of creative spaces, in which we together in these current moments step into our own unique, Non-Duality Power.  




This TIME is correct, not right or wrong. This TIME is perfect, not imperfect. This TIME is the moment of eliminating the Spin of Duality.  The Power of removing the Spin is Still Point!  Be Still, connect to your Selves, “remember” who you are before the Spin Authors spun the yarns, the strings, the bands of limitations. 

This is the TIME to BECOME the Multi-Dimensional Real Human Being you are meant to be. You are created to be!






“In Duality, the Spin is the boxes of limitations. Break open the boxes and spin no more!”

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