So many times in our lives we miss opportunities that many weeks, months or even years later we reflect to the past with regrets, recriminations and sometimes anger for those chances that we lost. Why did we do it? Why did we miss those chances?

We are a composite of belief systems and programming from the minute the sperm hits the egg. We assimilate our parents, our grandparents and our ancestors’ belief systems from both sides of the family. Whatever programs they were running, we run the same ones. Some of the belief systems affect us in positive ways and some in adverse ways. How are we to know the difference? The number one answer is to get conscious. Consciousness is described as being aware. However we can be aware of something or a situation and not be fully conscious of what is really going on.

Through the programming and the belief systems, a curious thing happens. What is it? We become unconscious. We begin to act out from the unconscious consciousness and do things in our lives and wonder why. We wonder why did this happen… this way? Why did it do that… that way? Why am I also repeating myself?
Why, Why, Why?

The “Whys” are created and manifested because of the unconscious consciousness. The belief systems and the programming take over as the silent voice within us creating and recreating our lives. Sometimes it seems as though without our own input or direction. That is for sure.

It is not that programming and belief systems are wrong in themselves. But what if they really don’t have a positive impact on our lives? Hatred, whether self inflicted or prejudging others, it is the same programming and belief systems that affect our behaviors! When we are running programs and belief systems that we are not good enough or deserving of the best in our lives, we manifest the “less” through the Lack Program. As we hold this belief of Lack in our bodies that we don’t deserve the “best”, we manifest the “worst” thus creating an abundance of the worst in our lives.. It is the silent voice that speaks so loudly to the why’s we create our lives the way we do, either negatively or positively.

What can you do for your Self to change this consciousness? Listen inside to your Self. Search out where the silent voice is hiding in your body of consciousness. Don’t be afraid to be fully conscious of all that you are and all that you can be by “being” fully conscious and fully participatory in your life.

Silence the loud Silent Voice and make your Self heard first to your Self and then to others. Be fully conscious with your Self. Be fully present with your Self, and be fully in charge of your life.