Have you ever considered that special, significant person or persons in your life, family or non-biological family, who have impacted your life in the most “significant” ways or ways? There may be more than one. Yet their connection to you and the ways they supported or assisted you without question, without drama, without judgment, just pure connection to you that “significantly” strengthened you in many, multiple ways.

Throughout my whole life, there have been individuals, non-biological, the other significant members of my human family and non-human family that have been here for me. When I say my non-human family, I mean my two kitties Akido and Bobbi Girl. 

These two non-human kitties “significantly” changed my life in ways I could not even have imagined. My kitty Akido “was” and still is a significant part of my life. For almost 18 years, this amazing kitty went through all my ups and downs in so many ways, yet the bond between us lasted for years. The memories of her still live in my heart forever! She was “my kitty”. We were bonded the two of us. When Akido transitioned it was just the two of us together! This is significant. Just the two of us! 

Bobbi Girl is a very special and significant kitty in not only my life but so many of my clients. She was published in the Phoenix Business Journal and the Beginnings, the American Holistic Nurses Journal. Over the 13 years that she lived and was and is still connected to me, she assisted so many of my friends and clients. She knew exactly where their issues were in their tissues and their bodies. Bobbi Girl in her significance to so many individuals, in her transition on my healing bed, 6 of my friends including me and the veterinarian, supported and assisted her as she was leaving this planet. Not just me, but part of her group of humans who loved her unconditionally. 

Believe it or not, we choose in our lives “significant” individuals and people in our lives through our connections. When the connections are heart-based and not Duality left computer brains, the “significance” is beyond words, beyond explanations, beyond descriptions that words cannot describe! These are significant individuals who are our “peeps”. 

The people, more times than not, who are not biologically related, though they can be, are the ones that “special significant” bond happens. Many times from the moment of the connected introduction. These individuals are the ones that make our “soul connections”. No descriptions have to be evoked! This experience of meeting each other is felt deep within each other.  The deepest of our cores. The “significance” of core connections.

Many times this connection doesn’t have to have an explanation. This is the “just is” time or times, whether with the conversation or not, the experience or experiences of these deep “soul” connections defy explanations. This is the “just is” moment or moment in the connection of this significant relationship. More times than not is it not “romantic” as Duality would say? It is not about gender, background, ethnicity, wealth, poor, or any Duality description. This is the significance of the deep, un-judgmental connectedness through the heartness and the allness of each other. This is a Non-Duality relationship.

Does this happen a lot? Does this happen very little? Does this really happen? Yes, it does. This significant relationship/connection can not be measured in Duality terms. Or for that matter in any terms throughout your continuum! This is the deepest significance of connecting and connections. These connections are timeless!

When this connection occurs with a person, friend, family member, business associate, colleague, personal or professional, whatever the title or description of the person, the significance is usually very long-lasting impressions within the body, that time is not really relevant to the experience of the individuals involved.

In my own experience so many many years ago, a friend of mine said… “I have to introduce you to this other friend of mine, her name is Judy, I know you too will it off!” Thought to my Self, what a nice person. Had no idea what the word nice meant at that time.

At a party, this friend of mine introduced me to a woman named Judy. From the moment we met, we became the best of friends. From the get-go, we did not have anything in common. Zero, da nada, nothing in common. And yet, we became best friends almost instantly. Significant, for sure!

We came from completely different backgrounds, family ideas, Duality belief systems, and even some of the things we believed about life, no common denominators, none! Yet from the moment we met, we were comfortable, laughed, and yet there was something or many things that we both felt in this developing friendship that would last for years and is still going on.

From the beginning, though we have differences that are and were huge, the connection and the significance of our connections were and are evident today. We have had so much outrageous fun throughout all the years we have been best friends. Some of the best times were and are the laughs, the experiences, the conversations, and discovering other timelines in which we were friends before. Not kidding.  A timeless bond!

We actually through research “discovered” other times that we participated in each other’s lives. Through our cellular memories, we remembered being friends. You can’t make this up. From the moment we met in this lifetime, there was a certain “knowing”, a certain comfort, a certain familiarity, which I describe as a “familiar”. We just knew each other.  In a manner, it was and is like meeting an old friend again.

There are so many experiences that I could describe that we did, from airshows, some I produced and some I did not business travel, vacations, parties, shopping (we both have shopping genes), visiting with each other’s friends, and so many experiences too numerous to list.  Yet the list continues to go on as we stay friends, now across the miles.

The best, the most significant about our significant friendship is not once… NO, NOT ONCE, have we ever judged each other? That does not mean we have not always agreed. We have agreed to disagree. What we have is an incredible Significant Friendship that surpasses time and space.

This is called total UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE! This is the foundation of both “Significance” and “Significant”! Look through your life. Human or animal!!! Remember these amazing relationships that significantly contributed to your life as you contributed to their lives. 


What you may learn, not as a lesson, yet “remember” from other timelines this significance of this significant relationship, or “create” as a newness experience within this go around in this lifetime! Let the foundation of “significant” “significance be the core of a relationship that begins in your heart in total unconditional acceptance!



“The significance of you and your life is significant to be life!”
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