The Release Factor

In the medical community, metaphysical community and in society in general, to release an issue is to heal, get better, get healthier, get something out of the release. More times than not the release is thought of as physical. The Release Factor will free your Self from illness, a not so hot relationship, a job that you might hate or let’s say dislike deeply. Anyway whatever the thought process behind releasing, the question is.. “What does releasing mean to me, both personally and professionally?”
One of the components that must be addressed in a releasing of your Self from something, someone, some issue or some place you are stuck, you must address the emotionality of the issue/problem. What also must be noted is that emotionality is physical, not just some etheric component floating inside and outside of your body. Emotionality is the actual place or the core of the physical issue. Your attachment, conscious or unconscious of emotionality is the “place of stuck-ness”!

Whenever or wherever you got stuck at whatever age or stage of your life, even from the minute the sperm hits the egg, you are “in” fully consciousness but not having the power to do anything about your life floating around in that womb! Where ever your parents are stuck in their emotionality can have a huge, long lasting impact on you and your life.
Could it be that in your Release Factor, you must address the emotional issues of your parents. You may be running their issues! By connecting to your Cellular Memory in the consciousness of being NEO, the Non-Emotional Observer, you give your Self the opportunity to clearly “see” the how’s and why’s you got stuck in the first place. This does not mean you blame anyone, your parents and most of all your Self. You simply begin your own empowering Release Factor to discern is the emotionality of the problem worth keeping buried in your body at the Cellular level. Only you can answer that!

The best part is that by “cutting the bands” or the emotional/physical attachments to that time, place, space and person or persons, you give your Self the gift of the release both emotionally physical and physically emotional and set your Self free. At the moment of the clear release you now have resolution. Without resolution, without the emotional stuck-ness, you can absolutely free your Self. From resolution comes solution. Without resolution, there is no real solution. With the resolution, it is easy to get drawn back into the trauma of the past.

The reason there is no lasting solution without resolution is because the issue only gets reburied in your cells, molecules and particle to the subatomic levels of you. As the NEO, the Non-Emotional Observer, you can resolve the issue, release it and move forward in your life.
Become NEO, you will stop the emotional and physical pain. You will take back your Power. You will heal your Self. Sounds simple it is. It is not really complicated. You become YOU.

Sherry Anshara
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