We really have no idea how many people in our history had Near Death or Near Life Experiences. This is a subject not talked about.  For me, I can comprehend to my core, since I had my first one at three years old.  A long time ago. This article is not about me or my 5 Near-Death Experiences at all.  My question, always a questioner, is WHY do these experiences happen. What is the point? There has to be a point or points.  Let’s just observe or look at these experiences from other viewpoints!

Now I am not discounting anyone’s experience or experiences.  Looking for perhaps, not so many answers for anyone.  Yet perhaps considerations of why these experiences of Near-Death happen.  From practical aspects, if there are practical views, let’s consider some of these ideas as perhaps explanations!

Let’s look out throughout history… the many many many millions of people who die unwillingly for a cause. For example how many Ukrainians were murdered or killed by the belief systems of the Russians in that historical time, not just now!  Or let’s look at Civil War, how many hundreds of thousands of people, both civilian and military were killed or murdered depending upon which side you are on.  Or let’s look through the times of Rome, when the ones who were in “con”trol of the soldiers or populations, how many “millions’ perhaps were killed to bend to the rules of the Romans.  Or how about in China, when the first Emperor sent out his troops to kill or murder those he decided was their fate in his duality based, emotionality to be the big deal, fulfill his destiny as all rulers, how many died. 



These are souls, prompted by their spirits, their power source, like a generator, to the generator, the “gene” pool to return or come back, Lessons, Reincarnation, and/or Karma, depending upon which side the person is one and determines who that person will be again.  Or in the case of duality, over and over and over again is the deal!

Does it really matter if a person is rich or poor, isn’t there a big lesson in Duality or karma to get even with one’s own self in the reincarnation paradigm?  Well?  So, could it be or are some points of a particular Near Death Experience or Experiences,  this Soul’s “con”tract, the con of the tract to return on a fast track, return immediately to become more “enlightened” or conscious.  Perhaps an NDE can be a way of speeding up the issue or issues in the Soul’s contract within the person.  Could it be the idea of taking it personally, deeper on the Soul level, and creating, perhaps unconsciously, to wake up one’s Self instead of dying, waiting in the in-between times to write another script or “con”tracts in a particular time frame or era and return right away?  A potential answer?  

Could guilt from killing or murdering a person or a group of people is a cause in a current lifetime, whenever that is, to attempt to get through the guilt, get out quickly and attempt to “remember” to be a more conscious, better human being?  Just asking.  Maybe the NDE’s is an accelerated way to wake up one self?  Perhaps to seek a personal way to make up for some behavior, profile, or role that is laced with guilt, shame, or blame.  Perhaps attempting to make up for something that the person did as either the “leader” or the “follower”.  Remember a huge majority of the Nazi soldiers, high on crystal meth, yes the prescribed drug then in WWII, to kill Jews, the Poles or whomever, gun them down in pits and bury them, sometimes alive?  What a Karmic scenario.  Look through history, this same behavior regardless of the tools for killing, this action prevailed.  No judgment.  Stating the facts! Wonder how many of these soldiers had NDE’s.  Have no idea.  Just wondering!

Could NDE’s be a way to break a code of behavior, using this NDE as a tool to change the course of one’s own path, story or way in a current lifetime to make up for something?  Anything in the human Duality-based left computer brain is possible. No judgment.  A way to self-punish?  Or perhaps a way to not use up more time but have these NDE’s as a quick way to “enlighten” one’s own self to wake up.  Maybe to see life in a more expanded way?  

Consider that many who have been really deeply caught up in the  Duality belief systems of punishment, and when they had their NDE’s, I have met some, who went directly to hell.  No judgment. They were told from childhood for any transgression, they would go to hell.  What is a transgression?  I know what it is but what can it mean to a child who harbors that they did something “bad” and this becomes part of their self-punishment programming?  Yet delving deeper into the person’s belief system, they were told that they may not make it to heaven but would go to hell when they died if they didn’t do this or do that.  Well, guess what they went to hell.  When they came back, some remembered being punished.  

Yet again, is this a self-inflicted punishment from another time-line that came to the surface in the current lifetime?  So the question is or the questions are…. do some NDE’s result from incredibly deep unconscious guilt?  Or perhaps to resolve issues from these past times, unresolved and whatever current lifetime it is, to create resolution.  A speed dial wake-up.  A personal awakening.  Just asking!

The objective of this article is to provoke clear questions, never to judge.  Could an aspect of Karma, or the Lessons or the Reincarnation factors be in Duality’s belief systems, a quicker, faster, more intense delving into deeper meanings of life?  Yet sometimes through these NDE’s there are factors, my Self included, of not only the emotional traumas of the experience or experiences but of the physical traumas.  In my case, I had various head injuries, back and neck injuries, and lots of pain.  Medication was not my route at all.  Yet in each area of my physical and emotional traumas, I “remembered” so much.  In fact, through my own experiences, I created my methodology over 30 years ago.  So I am grateful for my 5 NDE’s and accelerated learning from the inside out of me!

So dealing with these physical and emotional issues in the tissues, maybe sometimes it is a challenge to work through these experiences, to perhaps working through very old stuff that is still hanging around in the Duality Cellular Memorization of these previous experiences.  Maybe, just maybe, some of these experiences could be what is considered self-punishment is really leading to self-healing.  Or could they get sidetracked because of the current state of the physicality of the current body and look “elsewhere” for answers not found here on this planet?   Just asking.  

Could the NDE be a challenge in getting clearer?  For me, I would say yes. No self-judgment!  Yes, for sure, “trying” and “trying” to get my Self and my life back together.  It did not happen that fast in my idea of earth’s linear time.  How about you who have had an NDE?  I know each one of my NDE’s absolutely changed my life in that linear time.  Though not always if ever explainable!

Without doubt, I would say that we who have experienced NDE’s have many many more questions to be answered!  I have no doubt that all of us experiencers have more questions about our lives, our purposes, our roles, our journeys, seeking answers in the different dimensions that we experienced through “dying” yet not dying!  

The Big Question, for me I got the answer, is their death. For me I can say, whether you agree with me or not is okay, I “remembered” there is no death.  THERE IS ONLY LIFE…LIFE IS FOREVER!

“Life is forever…you are forever life!”
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