Do you like to send intentions? Do you like to set goals? Do you like to do vision boards? Do you like to imagine? Do you like to “see” into the future? What do you like to do to create your outcome or outcomes? What do you like about your future? What do you “intend” for your results?

Would you consider that the outcome, the future, and results, though they appear or sound like different words, at the core foundation of these words… are the same? WHAT?

Is that the craziest that OFR are the same! And maybe, just maybe, OFR can turn into the word offer! What is your offer to your Self? What is the offer you are offering to your Self? To others? To life? Or what is the offer that you are offering in your intentions to establish your future results?

Sounds like there are more questions, than answers. Yet the truth of anything and everything are questions to ask.. your Self… others…whomever the others may be! Question as stated many many times, is QUEST at your ION or Cellular Level in the quantum spaces and places of you. These places hold all your answers providing you ask your Self the correct, not right or wrong, yes correct questions to your Self. 

When you do this your body responds to you. When you ask about your Duality limitation based left computer brain, the answers are not clear. The answers can be very confusing. Your body’s Cellular Memory in this timeline and your others, knows everything about you. 

In fact, you are the one who is the best scriptwriter in this world and the universe, to establish your incredible experiences. Through the processes and/or methods that you utilize to establish your life and your experiences, you will discover very consciously that sometimes you were unconscious within the limitation paradigms of Duality at what you were doing at any given time in your continuum.

On the other hand of outside of the confines of Duality, there are times when you are so clear, focused, and directed, your determination to start, establish, and/or create something significant in your life, you would not even “think” to stop your Self. When you do stop your Self, some time or some times later, you may experience regret. The regret is “Why didn’t I do this when I had the chance?” 

The truth is you are the chance all your time. Life is about taking chances!  Chances are no risks! Chances is the word or the resonance of this word that propels you into NEWNESS! New experiences, and new relationships, personally and professionally as you invent your new experiences or inventions.

Inventions are not necessarily a product or invention or book! An invention can be a new idea, new model, new thought, or new process about something. This is called a Paradigm Shift. This paradigm shift comes from deep inside you. It doesn’t necessarily fit the paradigm you are living in.

This is called “Mother of Invention”! The truth be known…your Female left side in alignment with your “right” computer brain are connected. The activation of this paradigm shift is established through this Mother of Invention Female Left Side of you and the organizational skills of your right brain to “create” anything and everything.

This has absolutely nothing to do with gender. This has to do with how your body establishes from the inside out the outcome, the future and the results of what you are creating as something NEW! The Outcome is what you are establishing consciously of what you are in the current moment creating or inventing. 

The Future is one second from now building, establishing, and/or formatting your creativity from the inside of you through our real brain your heart to the outside of you through your right Male Side, “man”ifesting side as your Results!

This is the natural formula or natural progression of how you bring your creative ideas, goals, focus, and directions into the Actuality of your Life. You are the projector. You Project Your Outcome, Your Future, and Your Results with the most effective tactics when you are Clear, Focused, and Directed of what you choose to establish for Your Self. And to establish even for others.

When it is from within in a resonance of a conscious paradigm shift, not only is the Outcome, the Future, and the Results beneficial to you, your creativity can benefit one person or millions. One person makes a difference! You can choose to be that one person who makes a difference in someone’s life, who turns and becomes another one person who makes a difference in another person’s life.

Then the practical magic of mathematics kicks in and your paradigm-shifting creative idea takes on a “life of its own”! The difference you make makes many differences in the Natural Law of Order!




“Stay out of the outcome so the income or results come in!”
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