Wow… What a question with a capital W for both Wow and What! This question has been kicking around for eons, centuries and perhaps even a day or two.  You may have asked your Self this question a million times or not. In those deep philosophical conversations, this question seems to pop up over and over again.

Everyone has a take on it or not.  Some just like to contemplate it like they may contemplate their navel, a mole or a bunion.  Like…what is this all about?  Why do I have this?  Is there a deeper meaning to my navel, my mole, or my whatever?  Maybe there is no deeper meaning.  Or maybe your body is drawing your attention out of your computer/brain to connect with your body?  Could be!

Back to the question at hand… What is the purpose of life or, in fact, what is the purpose of my life?  Maybe there is more than just one purpose. Maybe there is a plethora of purposes.

Purposes to contemplate or activate:

  1. How do I participate in life?
  2. Am I fully present in what am I doing?
  3. Am I “out of body” co-existing in another dimension?
  4. Am I in the correct profession for me? That’s right..correct, not right!
  5. Do I like my life?
  6. Do I like my relationships
  7. Do I know the difference between like and love?
  8. Do I really know what love means or Tina’s song..”What’s Love got to do with it?
  9. Do I feel good about my Self?
  10. Here s great one…Do I like my Self?
  11. If I don’t, why don’t I like my Self?  
  12. Do I have too many limitations going on in my computer/brain?
  13. Do I know the real me?
  14. Is the real me buried deep underneath the rubble of life?
  15. Or is the real me about to burst forth
  16. Is there more than one purpose in life?

On the 16th questions and you can ask a million, you are getting somewhere.  Why would there be only one purpose to life.  You are multi-dimensional, so why now embrace having more than one purpose.  How about having a plethora of purposes?  Here’s some great ideas:

Purposes of life:

  1. Being a great friend to Self.
  2. Being a great friend to friends.
  3. Living my life consciously,
  4. Living my life!
  5. Living fully engage in each moment
  6. Getting involved in every aspect of my life.
  7. Don’t give my power away.
  8. Laugh at my Self.
  9. Don’t take other people or my self so seriously…if you do, go live on Sirius.
  10. Allow your Self to experience each  moment.
  11. Live each day as if it were the first day of your life.
  12. Be impressed by the people you have brought in your life to learn about your Self.
  13. Just be impressed with your Self.
  14. If you are creating lots of trauma dramas, write a new script and get off this traumatic reality show.
  15. Live your reality from your Heart
  16. Choose role models that are real role models
  17. Get “it’… you have many purposes

Now be creative, be clever, write down all the purposes you have and begin to create your life with these purposes in your heart each and every day.  So when someone ask you … “What is your purpose?”  Ask them… “Which one are you talking about?  Go out and be on purpose, with purposes!