W44ea4aafceb66e5dee59e719aa3084baell this might be a stretch of the imagination, but isn’t that what life is about sometimes?  Stretching one’s imagination and vision beyond the limits of what you may see as the negative side of life.  Just maybe some of those negative times in your life, have really been the best times ever!  Yes, they were challenging.  Yes, you have wondered…”why did this happen to me?”  How about looking beyond the trauma of the experience or the relationship or the event, and see, now what did I learn from the ‘happening” that it was showing me?

More times than not, those so called negative experiences are your opportunities to grow and move beyond the past experiences that may no longer be serving you.  Though they may appear as negative, these experiences show you the courage and bravery that you have to get through them.  Sometimes these negative experiences provide the avenues to expand your awareness and your consciousness about what really counts in your life.  Sometimes these negative issues are the catalysts that moved you out of a situation that you had been holding on to far too long.  Sometimes these negative incidents are the co-incidents that get your attention and remind you it is time to make a change about which you have been procrastinating.  The negative side can show you…now it’s time to make that change.

From this perspective, perhaps the negative side of the picture showed you another view of your life.  It is never what you think it is anyway. So consider what thoughts you are “thinking”.  Here’s a thought, use those negative thought patterns that you may be saying to yourself, and see them as a tool to reverse them in46108a39f6d8bf2df981d938ddcb9643to positive affirmations.  Remember you are what you think.  And you create from your thought patterns.  Moving forward, look at what you consider a negative happening in your life, as the chance to break the cycle of negativity and negative thinking into a positive blessing for growth and renewal.  You can positively do it!