In the idea of healing especially in the metaphysical world, to release the past is to let go and move on. Interesting! In terms of time, which through the Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance, time is an increment of space, in the space time continuum, in which to create an experience in which you created to experience in any given moment within this space called time.

With that said, every moment is a moment that is based upon what you are creating. You create relationships, situations, events, experiences, circumstances, status quo, you create everything, even a fart! What? A fart?

Consider if you say, “if I eat this it will give me gas!” Well you just created a fart. So… the truth of all of you is you cannot not create something in any given moment. The more aware or conscious you are of your abilities to create extraordinary or even boring experiences, provides you with the comprehension and realization that you are, indeed, the author of your life.

The more non-Duality conscious you are in your life, the more you do realize with “real eyes” that as your view what you are creating, the more powerful you become. Always remember power is not “force”. Force is the duality aspect of being “con”trolled and being “con”trolling! Power, the more non-Duality conscious you become, the more in charge of your life you become.

Now consider this idea of time. The more in charge of your life you are, the more you become your own guide. You become in a way the “commander and chief” who now writes this Duality idea of your fate and/or destiny. The truth is there is no fate and destiny, there is, for sure, what you create and determine what your life and what it isn’t! Miraculous!

So now consider what the word miracle means? Miracle means phenomenon! Let’s not get esoteric or metaphysical at all! Let’s stay practical and observing. All those Duality Belief Systems, that held you in a box, that miracles only happened by some phenomenon outside of you, that affected or influenced you one way or another. How Duality!!!

The truth of the matter is that you, most of the time unknowingly this is the way of Duality, good and bad, high and low, this or that, whatever, you were trained through some Duality Belief System that all the circumstances of life are predetermined by someone or something else.

The question here is predetermined by whom or what? As you becoming more aware or conscious of how your life is going… progressing, regressing something begins to change inside of you at your very core! As you take a Non Emotional viewpoint, you will definitely realized with “real eyes” that just perhaps, all the circumstances within your life that you did not find supportive or made sense to you, happened because you thought this is how life is.

The truth of the matter or matters is this is not the Truth. Of course, it is very very true according to the limited Duality standards of making sure your past, especially when it was not supportive and affected for you, stays in the for front of time to trigger you emotionally. As this emotional and physical baggage stays in the forefront, unknowingly evident, in your learned patterns and behaviors, time becomes the

baggage that become the luggage, that you lug around. Your life is constantly being influenced by the past. Whether the past is good, bad or indifferent, it becomes the every day legacy that in some ways unknowingly haunts you. As this happens, these experiences “haunt’ how you are creating your life and your experiences in your current moments. These increments of time become repeat performances. Many times not very productive or effective to your current timeline.

Well what to do…what to do? As you “see” the past from an observer standpoint, you can now in your current moments determine non-emotionally from the viewpoint of facts, will you allow these physical and emotional attachments to trauma dramas affect, effect and infect the cells, particles and molecules to your subatomic level of you determine your current life?

If you do, your body’s immune system is lowered. You get sick from your inside to your outside world. As you get sick, emotionally and physically, time now really plays into how you are now producing your increments of time in which to create your experiences. Sickness is a debilitating way or ways that USE up your time. Sickness USES you up. Sickness USES up your creativity, your ability to create consciously what you came here to do in your increments of time.

Time becomes focused on fixing your Self. Time becomes used up on pain! Time now does not belong to you. Time how becomes a measurement of what you can and cannot do. All those past emotional and physical trauma dramas that can even start the minute the sperm hits the egg, begins to meld together time. Your body is caught up in several timelines at once. Confusing for sure.

Here’s an example, your family gets a certain illness, or acts in a certain way or is suppose to do things in a certain way. This is called Duality’s predisposition. This predisposition becomes a prediction and is predictable. As you get more engrained in these types of Duality Belief Systems, now as you become more conscious, you will “see” from a viewpoint of conscious perspectives, that you don’t have to have the past be involved in your current times. You are in charge of you, your times, your past, your present and your future in the very current moment.

The best part, all those amazing experiences that you love, you can keep, not to relive but to expand upon what you experienced and what knowledge you gained from these experiences. So letting go of the idea of “healing” is to let go, sure dump, let go, release all those experiences that do not serve you, or are worth keeping and taking up room in your body, keep what service you. The amazing experiences where you gained knowledge, that you can apply each and every day and expand upon this knowledge.

As you do this you are building a sort of bridge to your future. Your past is one minute ago, your future is one minute from now, so keep what serves, again expand upon it, use what you gained as knowledge, now dump the rest. There is not point in holding onto anything that his not relevant to your current now.

This is not say what happened is to deny it, use these increments of time to “see” non emotionally that you didn’t have all the facts. You did the best and worst you could with what you knew and many times what you did not know. Don’t blame, guilt or shame your Self. Stay in your current moments, your increments of time in which to be the writer, producer, director and influencer of your life!

Sherryism   “Time is increment of space in your time continuum to create an experience your are creating in the current moment!” 

Sherry Anshara