The most powerful position you can have in your life right here right now is being the Non-Emotional Observer.  When you detached from the traumas and the dramas throughout your life, you can see from this Non-Emotional Observer perspective that you Self-Created all of the “its” in which you go involved.  How absolutely delicious…not so much!

From this observing, above it all perspective and view point, without all the judgments and the emotional attachments to the situations, the individuals, the jobs…you know all the stuff… you can begin to see how hilarious some of your trauma dramas outshined the writers of soap operas.  When you are in the full blown emotional circumstances of the event, you can not see or even hear anything that is going on around you.  You are swirling around from the inside out, stuck in the emotional tornado that is throwing you around like a rag doll.  In these dramatic moments there is no way you can see what is really going on, especially when you are in the victim roll of the situation.

The only “salvation” or solving it at your ion/cellular level is by stepping into this powerful position of the Non-Emotional Observer.  You have to observe your Self first.  You can’t detach and get all the facts until you observer your Self!  Don’t you just hate have to do the it’s.  This is a have to moment.  The only way to move above, beyond and forward from the past is to be this power filled position.  

As the rational Non-Emotional Observer you can get the facts, see how everyone in the situation participated and see your part.  Even if you don’t like the part you played, metaphorically and physically, the past is so over. It is the have to time to move forward.  The call sign is “over and out” of the past.  

Your Non-Emotional Observer position is your ticket out of the trauma drama theatre, off the soap opera stage and creating a new script that best serves your life.  Time to get over whatever the “its” are that have been holding you back.  There is no point in re-living, re-traumatizing or re=inacting the same scripts, the same repeated situations and especially the same reoccurring relationships.  Don’t re-up…this is not the Army.  

It is so time to move forward.  Embrace your Non-Emotional Observer.  This is your get out of jail free card.  Yes, the past may have been filled with incredible, horrific experiences but you are here now and alive.  Stay out of the past, begin to live your life as you desire. You deserve it.  Be the Non-Emotional Observer and practical miracles happen every day.  You are alive so live!