As all of us go into the idea of 2023, let’s consider from a historical or sometimes hysterical background, for the Jewish people the year is 5784, for the Chinese or Asian community, the earliest recorded history is 1250 BC in China and in the Native American Culture it could be 1600 BC, the Hispanic Community was not even identified until 1970, the “black” identification doesn’t really have a time frame, though there are black people identified in the Roman times according to the “his”tory in a specific timeline! So… from anyone’s Time Frame…from this point to this current… the Truth is what time is it?  Really for you, me, or anyone and everyone what the heck time is it? 

Please let go of the labels, let go of the made-up history from who knows what person or group’s standpoint within the Duality Belief Systems of labels and limitations. At this moment become your own unique self. Dump the labels and times of so-called identifications! Identify your Self as YOU at this moment! BECOME YOU!

Now if you, whatever color or background you are currently, have a Belief System of Past Lives, would you, could you, or did you pick the same race, color, or creed over and over again? Probably not! Consider what creed means. The Christian Creed is a religious Belief System. In the definition of creed, it is a Belief System or a fundamental Belief System of some sort. Conder the first three or four letters of the word fundamental…is there Fun or Funds involved?  Just asking. “Remember this is a “sign” of some time frame, where each person is programmed to be so afraid. Duality teaches everyone to be afraid: of nature, of circumstances, of each other, and especially your Self!

Consider did you always pick the same background, poor/rich, leader/follower, dumb/smart, and the list goes on. You get the point!  Did you buy into the idea that each lifetime or time frame you had to have lessons? Remember the point of the word lesson. The lesson, less-on, less-on turns into More On, moron, moron.  Wow, this is an amazing “con”troling Belief System of the do-over Duality Belief Systems right into this current time line!

Now from the NEO Non-Emotional Observer standpoint, did you in your time frames get “warped” in your Duality Belief Systems, that you “purchased” the Karma, Lessons, and Re-incarnation packages? So NOW, in what the NOW is in any of your time frames, you could be warped and participate in the seemingly different yet the same Duality War Programs.  

Your inner war with self is where the war begins. Then your outer wars become identified as military, gangs, ethnic, groups, relationships, family, and even marriage. The times in Duality are so brilliantly “executed” to the point where death or the long-term participation in suffering IS instrumental to being “warped by the time”.  

How does this happen? Well! By wasting your value frames of time that get warped by the Duality Belief Systems of limitations, your natural innate abilities to create amazing events, experiences, relationships, participations, and explore each time gets confused.  These distortions or what we call “life-changing events” in your life, these “warps” change your course. So many times, these warps in your timeline are not in alignment with YOU and what you are choosing to create. These “warpnesses” affect, effects, and infect you, your life, and how you experience your time(s)!

So, you “see”, the idea of time is almost ridiculous!  What did you do in your timelines? What you haven’t done, you have not done… YET!  Consider this…TIME is an increment of space, in the space-time continuum, in which you create an experience you choose to create. You experience what you are creating.  You are the creator of these experiences. You are the creativity upon which your amazing creativity juices are flowing to bring to fruition your ideas through your abilities and your creativity!

Please don’t waste your time and get warped! Please don’t waste your natural abilities in partnership with the Godness within you. Remember the Godness within you is your God Particle, the God Essence that is natural within to you create what you have written in your script by your Soul to experience. Your Spirit is your Power Source to infuse life into what you create and project from your inside to your outside world. And your Body is your experience. Put these elements together “CONSCIOUSLY” …and this is Your Life!




Be in the moment. Do not get “warped” or allow your Self to be sucked back into any past experience or experiences, which are no longer relevant or viable to your current time. What you did in any timeline, you did the best and worst you could with what you knew and didn’t know.  




As you and all of us go into a timeline frame expressed as 2023, make this “identified” timeframe be the increments of spaces, places, and times that are your BEST TIMES!  Warped FREE!

“I can’t change the past it is one second ago, I can change the future it is one second from now!”
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