Haven’t there been times in your life of missed opportunities that many weeks, months, or even years later you reflect on them with regrets, recriminations, and sometimes anger for those chances you lost? “Why did I do it? Why did I miss those chances?!!” The Why? Why? Why?! syndrome! There are answers to these questions, but first you have to discover how to ask the questions.

Any questions that ask, “What is wrong with me?” or “Why am I always behind the eight ball?” come from “wronging” my Self. These questions simply do not work because they set you up for answers that negate you. These “negative” questions are the set-ups that take away your Power. Whether you are aware of these underlying “negative” patterns or not, they generate destructive behaviors and actions.

From the onset of your life, whether it’s this lifetime or throughout your continuum, you become a composite of all your Belief Systems, the B.S. Programs, which will inhibit you from expressing your Self in “positive” and productive ways. These limited Belief Systems may instill fears which become encoded programming at the very cellular level of your body and being. And then they become the expression of your experiences.

You are like an iPod constantly recording information into your body. From the very minute the sperm hits the egg, when you are in your mother’s womb, you are being embedded with information. Good, bad or indifferent, you are being imprinted with experiences. You experience your experiences from both your parents as well as from your own Self. Sometimes the view from the womb is not that great.

If your parents or family are not conscious of these limiting Belief Systems, and they see life as “this is the way life is…even if it is miserable, you must accept less”, then as you move through your ages and stages of life, you learn to accept and think this is the way your life is. With perceived failures, you become the Self-fulfilling prophecy of failure. With successes, there is always the fear of either the ax falling or it is too good to last. You become the product of these limited, fear-based Belief Systems…the B.S. Programs.

From infancy, childhood, teenage years, and even through your adult years, inside you may feel different, feel out of place, and not connected. You have no idea why. You are affected and influenced by Belief Systems that may or may not resonate with your own personal Truth. This causes inner conflicts that may never be resolved.

Begin now to observe your Self, your life, and your relationships non-emotionally. Then you can detach and find solutions to your emotional and physical issues. Solutions only come from non-emotional, detached observations and clear resolutions of the issues. Instead of reliving trauma and the stories, you are able to recognize the dysfunctional behavioral patterns learned through the limitations of the programming. Through empowering, fact-based perspectives, you will see the issues, situations, and relationships as they are instead of through the filtered emotional lenses and cloudy perceptions of your “negative” Belief Systems. You will clearly start seeing how you have been affected and influenced by your limited Belief Systems. The more conscious you become, as the non-emotional, detached observer, the easier it is to determine what is best for you and what isn’t.

Your Truth may be that you simply don’t resonate with “their”, whomever “they” are, Belief Systems. “You are supposed to follow in their footsteps.” “Follow the programs or you won’t fit in!” You know that you don’t! And when you don’t, the programs say you are judging or wronging your heritage, family, traditions, or their Belief Systems. This happens all the time, so you try to fit in. You give up your Power…resentfully. You try to fix you and even “them”. Fixing does NOT work. Guess what? You can agree to disagree with other people’s ideas and not make your Self or them wrong. You simply choose a different path. You don’t have to fight the system. You can respect their opinion and not get trapped or pinned down by their Belief Systems.

When you can no longer put up with the non-resonating programs, curious things do happen at various points in your life. A life-threatening experience, a divorce, a job loss, or perhaps simply a change in your life occurs and you begin to question your Self. You begin to recognize that if something does not resonate with you anymore, you can do things differently and fit in by NOT fitting in! You begin to realize with “real eyes” that you must examine what is not working for you. When something doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Stop trying to make something work that is no longer relevant in your life. You do not have to listen to the loud silent “negative” voice any longer. Simply listen to your inner Self with clarity. Listen to the voice in your heart!

YOUR happening is happening! You are connecting to YOUR Self. As you allow you to be more Self-connected, it becomes so much easier to accept that what happened in the past… happened. Oh well! You can’t change anything in the past. You can change how you see your Self and everyone else in your past. Now, what is not working is not working. So, move on! The more aware of who and what connects with you or not, the more empowered you are. If something or someone is no longer a viable source of support, then let it go! Your life is in your hands.

Recognize and realize that many of the Belief Systems you had from the past are not relevant to your life anymore. Don’t hang on to anything that makes you feel less or not good enough. You do not have to be validated by anyone other than by your own Self. Take a giant leap and step into your own Power. Do not confuse Power with force. Force is control and manipulation. Force is “what” forced you to give your Power away to incongruent Belief Systems. Power is connecting to your UNLIMITED creativity. You will run out of creativity, however, if you force your Self to live in the opinions and limited Belief Systems of others.

Limited Belief Systems are controlling and manipulating you. They tell you to be who you are not. Stop worrying about who you are not. Care about who you are!

Staying unconscious to your own Powerfulness is not a viable option anymore. You are getting closer to your “WHYs” by seeing your “WHATs” as repeated dysfunctional patterns of the WHAT happened to me was the result of not being fully conscious of the Truth of my Self. You were taught and conditioned to be unconscious to your own Power. Now you don’t have to ask WHY I did these dysfunctional behaviors anymore. You can begin to ask your Self correct questions and get your correct answers. “I now know WHY I did that and I don’t have to repeat those dysfunctional patterns. My life belongs to me!”

The “answers” given to you that came from the dysfunctional Belief Systems did not allow you to question. Now you can examine all those B.S. Programs. When one or all of them are not correct for you anymore, you can choose to eliminate them. Embrace your newly found freedom. Give your Self time to re-evaluate your life without the guilt, shame, or blame of that loud silent “negative” voice coming from your computer/brain’s limited Belief Systems. Change the channel and listen to the voice of your heart. You will get the best Self-guidance ever.

Without the clarity of clear consciousness, you were engrained with your parents’, your grandparents’, your ancestors’, and your peer group’s Belief Systems. You heard their loud silent “negative” voices. These Belief Systems are imprinted in your body. They became your Cellular Memory.

You have been conditioned to remember the “bad” things and not the “good” things that happened for you. You were taught to dwell on the “bad” things. You cannot heal in your computer/brain. Have you ever meet a nurturing, loving computer? Never! Can’t happen! Your intelligence and intellect is in your body. Your body had the experiences; however, the Belief Systems would not allow you to process the experiences clearly. The Belief Systems kept you in your computer/brain and detached from your body. This is why you went “out of body” to endure the situation. No one is at home. But your body had to stay put and “suffer” the consequences, which is not your Truth. Stay out of your head! You simply cannot heal when your computer/brain is running your life.

So, whatever “negative” or “positive” thought patterns or Belief Systems you have taken into your body of consciousness, whether you are aware of how they influence you or not, you have a Belief System that this is the way life is. Most of the time, it doesn’t matter whether you feel it is correct for you or not. You just live your life by these programs. These Belief Systems will influence you in “positive” and adverse ways. The issue is… how do you discern the difference? Do they support you or do they diminish you? This is a clear question to ask. Never ask what is wrong with you, otherwise that loud silent “negative” voice will echo in your computer/brain “You are wrong!” Not only will it be your loud silent voice, it will be voices of the other loud silent voices that have labeled you as something or other.

In your journey, the #1 answer to any and all your questions is GET CONSCIOUS. What does this mean? It means for you to become the Non-Emotional Observer without judging any of these Belief Systems. The first action to take is to determine whether these taught Belief Systems support you to live a healthy, productive life. If they don’t, then it is time to ask your Self, “Do these Belief Systems support me…or…do these Belief Systems prevent me from believing in my Self?”

The “WHYs” are created and manifested because of the unconscious consciousness. The Belief Systems and the programming take over as the loud silent voice within you, and they keep creating and recreating your life. Sometimes it seems it is without your own input or direction. That is for sure. In the limited Belief Systems, you are always negated. You always have to second-guess your Self. Skip the guessing game! Listen to your heart. Turn off the loud silent “negative” voice in your computer/brain.

The limited Belief Systems are “wrong” in themselves. Look at the ramifications. What if their impact on your life is preventing you from achieving your desires? What if your Belief Systems are teaching you to hate your Self and others? Hatred, whether it is self-inflicted or it is prejudging others, results in conflict in all forms. Hatred is not rational or sane.

When you are unconsciously running “negative” Belief Systems in your computer/brain… the not good enough, not deserving, jealousy, prejudice, hatred beliefs… you are misdirecting your life’s energy and taking away from your Self and your life. Let go of any old, out-of-date Belief Systems that are stopping you from deserving and living your best life.

It’s time to silence the loud silent “negative” voice. Listen to your Self with your heart. Connect to that clear inner voice that says to you… “Be fearless, live the life you came here to live, and live your life to the fullest.” You did not come to Earth to suffer, sacrifice, and die a slow death. Who made up this stuff? Who cares! Listen to your clear, conscious, aware inner voice that supports you to be a magnificent being. Make your Self heard first to your Self and then to others. For those who support you in living a productive, healthy life, thank them! And for those who don’t, oh well…move on!

You can’t change the past, it was one minute ago. You can change the future, it is one second from now. Be fully present with your Self. Make all your seconds, from this moment going forward, the significant moments to create your Self and your life as you feel it. Experience your experiences and learn from them.

Get out of your old stories. Your loud silent computer/brain voice only knows the repeated stories. Stories take up too much valuable time. Listen to the voice of your heart. This is the place to start your new life! Don’t be afraid to be fully conscious of all that you are and all that you can be by being fully conscious and fully participatory in your life. Live life loud, lovingly, and laugh out loud!