Hmmm as you journey through life on your path, perhaps it is time to ask your Self, is this really your path on which you are taking a journey?  Wow, what a question to ask you or anyone, including to ask my Self. Throughout the “journey” how many times did you “think” to your Self, is this really what I am supposed to do?  On the path did you question your Self or others about what you are doing?

No doubt about it. You, me, and most people have questioned their life or in some cases, their lives in other timelines. You may not have a belief system that encompasses other times or timelines, or you may be one of those who do remember or “feels’ a connection to other times or timelines.

Not too worry! The Truth is you are a very multi-dimensional person who has had many types of encounters and events during your journeys. In this current timeline, you may have very definite ideas of who you are and who you are not. This is not unusual. This is more “normal” than not. Yet you may be one of those individuals who are beginning to ask questions or just question your journey and your path!

Definitely do not worry! Like many, you may have been guided, perhaps sometime forced, or even lead onto a path in your journey in this timeline, that may or may not have worked out according to the guidelines or specifics you were given to be a certain way. You may have been directed, perhaps by family or peer groups, to decide for what is best for you. Without any form of judgment, could it be that these directions were definitely not the best for you? They were perhaps the best for those “telling” you what to do.  

Consider some of the individuals “outside” of you that forecasted your future, even if it is the next day for you! For sure that has happened to me. Now it is not bad or even good, sometimes it is indifferent. Yet they were not on the same wavelength as you. Reflecting, non-emotionally remembering some of the times that someone, a family member, a teacher, an “adult”, a professional, a person, without any blame on them, had the “best” idea for you. Though it is and was not the best idea for you, when, according to them, the “you” part went along with their idea! Oops, not so productive at all for you!

For sure you can remember those times. Sometimes these times were very debilitating to your own idea of what you would like to do, accomplish, or just experience. You were “led” down a path, that really did not resonate with you. At the time, of course, you did not know what resonance might have meant! To put it bluntly, you simply did not “like” the idea of a person or persons…and yet they made your life about them. Your life was not about you!  Even with well intentions, simply not your intentions!

Those damn Duality Belief Systems of entrapment!  In my case, without any judgment, it is called marriage. Again, this is not a judgment. Many people in my life have a good marriage. Many did not!  As a child, mentioning to my mother, that marriage was not for me, and she said Oh no you will get married!  For sure it happened. Not a happening of my choice. Kicking and screaming inside of me NO. Yet, following the guidelines of the family’s expectations, I did it.  Life is about whom? Hmmmm!

Looking through your own life, reflecting, without blame or regret, and, of course, from the Neo…the Non-Emotional viewpoint, remember not as a lesson (you know the drill.. lesson, less on less on turns into more on, more on, moron) seeing through current much more conscious eyes, what is the view for me.  The view is should of, should have followed my gut, my intuition. Didn’t do it!! Yet can’t continue to should on my Self.  

So… In your past(s) are you seeing your Self through other individuals or groups’ eyes? Are the view of what you had to do, was supposed to do, and yet something was not “right” for you! That’s Duality, to do the “right” thing which many times turns out to be the “wrong” thing. So are your views now, in reflection, not reliving… in the past were these really the viewpoints of others and not any of your viewpoints at all? You just went along with “them”!  No blame, it is the past!

“Can’t change the past, it is one second ago, you can change your 

future, it is one second from now and the current moments belong to

YOU!  Sherryism

The viewpoints don’t necessarily have to be from the very distant past, they could be current. In the current times, are you being encouraged or even forced into a situation or experience that is not on your own personalized agenda? Are you being asked or directed to perhaps not be in alignment with your Self? Consider these questions from the NEO viewpoint!  Consider how your gut feels about what is happening.

The best stance in your life, to be your own life, without trying to fit in, or “be” a certain way by someone else’s idea of you, is to trust your own gut feeling! To trust that amazing intuitive “hit” that says.. “not for me!” Doesn’t fit me! Doesn’t fit my own idea of what I am doing or would like to do for my Self “with” my Self.  

This doesn’t mean you are going against someone else’s idea of your own life. This is taking a very deliberate, focused, and directed position for your Self. After all, you are “teaching” without the lesson your Self of how you would like your life to be!  As you see your life, as you feel your life and you experience your life that you are creating to experience!

You can share with other people’s lives. You can participate with others agreeing or not agreeing with them. Be present…take a stance for your Self without being bullied or intimidated or even cajoled or persuaded to do something that is not agreeable to your stance in life. This is a very important position where you have to make clear conscious choices about your Self and your life. Or you could find your Self in an emotional, debilitating “decision” made for you by someone else. You could be “enticed” to follow the trend of someone or some group that does not resonate with you.  

Be very clear about your intents and your intentions of the why’s and hows you determine from your gut feeling how you are choosing to experience your life. The amazing part is for you to see that your life is for you to have unlimited opportunities to full “fill” your life through your experiences to gain knowledge from them and to view your life as remarkable, incredible frames of time in which to gain, gather and accumulate experiences throughout your life and times!!!



“Can’t change the past, it is one second ago, you can change your future, it is one second from now and the current moments belongs to YOU!”
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