What is a legacy anyway?  Isn’t a legacy a birthright, an inheritance, or something part of a heritage?  When is a legacy a burden or a repeated pattern that does not require to be “bequested” to the next generation?  If you look throughout history, and stick to the facts and not the emotional attached to a version of history, it is so clear, so evident that many versions of a legacy are exactly the same…control and manipulation of one group over another.

Hmmm….looking at history from a non emotional observer’s point of view, it is almost remarkable what you can “see” that through the ages and stages of history, there are different costume changes with the appearance of different times…yet…the underlying problems are the same.  The have and have-nots, the controllers and the controlled, the forceful and the forced!  Hmmm…is there a track record going on?  Is this the meaning of legacy with and without the ramifications of money, wealth and control?  It all depends upon which side of the legacy you are on.

If you are on the downside of the legacy, then you are by no means of your own on the “darkside” or have-not side of the operation. You think you have no control or ability to be empowered in life. If you on the upside, the “have” side, then there should be no complaints. You got the “stuff”, you have “it”.  But what’s the problem?  How come the upside doesn’t last?  The upside and the downside seem to have their own agendas outside of your ideas.  Why is that?