The Law of Attraction only works at the level of one’s awareness or the group’s level of awareness.  In practical terms what does this mean?  Consciousness is awareness but being aware does not necessarily mean that one is being fully conscious of what is happening with and in the culture of an organization internally or externally. Consciousness is reality.  Belief Systems are not.  Belief Systems are based upon emotions, not facts.  Consciousness is founded upon facts.

In Quantum Physics, there is a theory that everything is constructed of strings (the string theory).  In the practical application of this theory, the strings make up bands of consciousness from which we attract or distract each other in our business and personal relationships. The conversations that we have with each other influence the relationships whether good, bad or indifferent. 

During the interactions, the language is used as a frequency and vibration in which everyone resonates with each other or not.  In simple terms, if everyone is not on the same wavelength of consciousness in an organization, the resonance that is sounded can be distracting or dis-empowering for the organization as a whole.  When everyone is on the same band of consciousness, the organization is attractive and on that same band, becomes the attraction.

But what happens when the consciousness of an organization is not on the same page, let alone in the same book or even the same building.  What happens when there is no cohesive language of the organization? Understanding that the organization’s language is a frequency and vibration, when no one is resonating with each other, what are the results?  

The results diminish the relationships and the productivity of the organization.  Being on the same page is crucial.  The point is getting everyone in the same building of consciousness and then on the same page in the organization’s book of consciousness which includes the mission statement, the goals, the objectives to create continuing success and growth with purposes, on purpose. 

Connecting to the conscious creation of synergistic relationships of employees and management within the organization embodies a very powerful force that in real practical terms grows the business.  Everyone becomes invested in the success of the organization.  They are not there just for a job but to be an integral part of the success of the organization seeing a return on their investment. 

Everyone intrinsically wants to be a part of something.  Being a productive member of a team is valuable and contributes to the worth of the whole.  The Law of Attraction becomes the tool to support and expand the worth and the value of the organization itself.  With everyone on the same page, each employee, regardless of their position, makes their contribution because they know they are a part of a cohesive team.  They “feel” their participation is both good for themselves as well as for the whole of the organization. 

Neither an individual nor an organization can force the Law of Attraction to work.  The Law of Attraction is not about force.  Force is counter-productive. Force is Ego based.  Power, without the Ego, is a key element for the Law of Attraction to work productively.  Otherwise, the Law of Distraction reigns with confusion.  It is non-productive, emotional, ineffective, and founded on myths. The Law of Attraction is based on facts, not opinions, ineffective emotions, or emotional attachments of the ego to past non-productive experiences. 

The Law of Distraction is limited consciousness of black and white, right or wrong, my way or the highway.  The Law of Attraction is unlimited creativity in the quantum continuing continuous continuum field of creating, implementing and manifesting for the benefit of everyone. Harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction is the source for continuing growth and unlimited creativity.  It is the supply for fruitful cohesiveness in an organization.  

In simple terms, there is this paradigm shift that is occurring in the social and business culture in the United States.  In the past touchy-feely was not acceptable or even considered a part of the consciousness of the business community or the corporate world.  Advertising or the connection to the market was based upon emotions.  Not is “how does it feel to you?” What is occurring now is there is a more heart-based consciousness that supports the paradigm of connection with each other. 

 Relationships whether personal or professional connect 

more deeply to this level of consciousness or awareness. 

You can “feel” it.  You can’t think it.  You can’t emotion it.

In the Law of Attraction feeling is the connection.  In the Law of Distraction emotion is the element.  In the past decision were made whether a job, a product, a home, a car, a relationship were based upon an emotional hit that was more temporary.  The expectations were not long-lasting.  Emotions are cyclical. 

Feelings are the deeper level connections.  They are more long-term. Feelings 

create a foundation of consciousness for practical and connected relationships.

In the consciousness of the Law of Attraction attracting key people to an organization is to connect for a long-term healthy relationship.  The purpose is to retain the relationship with a focus to grow and expand the connection between the employee and the organization.  The organization becomes the connection, the connectedness, and the connector.  

In the highest sense of community, the organization becomes a nurturing environment for everyone involved.  Everyone, the staff, the suppliers, and the clients feel the difference and they know it at their deepest knowing without having to analyze the difference.  It makes practical sense. 

In this difference, the consciousness of prosperity and abundance becomes the resource for affluence and influence for everyone involved.  For the organizations that make the choice to shift their focus and implement the Law of Attraction, without getting into the outcome, expect practical miraculous and continuing successes.  They happen naturally. 

From the old Law of Distraction paradigm of control and manipulation to being fully engaged in the new consciousness of an organization of Conscious Creators implementing newness and being in charge of the Law of Attraction.  

Productive, practical results happen. Much more simple! It works.

“What is the attraction connection or distraction? what is the difference?”

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