Have to admit the idea of death is so different around the world. There are so many rituals and ideas surrounding death. Having experienced 5 Near Death Experiences, looking at death in my own different ways, yes ways has changed my life in so many “ways”.

Having the amazing experience of assisting individuals to complete their individual lives at a given time selected by the person, is an honor for sure. Assisting several members of my own family has been the gift of this lifetime for me.

However,  in this article, this is not about death or the completion of one’s life. This article is about the paradigm of death while still alive.  How many have you heard say… “Well, this relationship is over…like a living death!” The person or person could be talking about a divorce. Many clients over the years both men and women have described their divorce as a living death.  

How about the death of a business? “Going Out of Business” sign. The sign that says this business has died. This business is over.  Is this really a death? Well from the idea that someone or someone put their whole “life” into a business and it ended. Most of the time prematurely. Or perhaps not!

There is the death, or perhaps an idea, the ending or squashing of an idea that a person has.  Yet the person is alive, but not necessarily dead. Yet the experiences of that a part of that person and the person’s idea died before it had life. This could be called… listening to other people’s opinions of an idea and taking on their “judgment” that it wouldn’t work. The death of an idea is very physical and very emotional!

What about the death of your creativity? Squashing your Self.  Holding your Self down because your creativity didn’t fit into the mainstream. Or your idea didn’t fit the box or boxes of the limitations of Duality. Death of something before it is even birthed!  Another example of a “still birth”. Stopping, stilling, quelling your idea down before you had a chance to give it life.

What other forms of death happen every day, that are not actual physical human deaths, yet they are the suppression or quashing of something that is called Newness. Then the person or persons are told… “You are just ahead of your time!” Well, if this isn’t the perfect example of the limitations of your or someone’s creativity through all the Duality left by computer brain suppression.

This and any type of suppression or death of creativity, before it is even “birthed” is a physical death.  This is the elimination of life before life had a chance to be birthed through the amazing creativity of your heart or someone else’s heart. The heart is the Center of Creativity. The Heart is the propulsion of energy that gives life to your or someone’s creativity.

This type of death, when you see it from the vantage of your Self as NEO, Non-Emotional Observer, without judging, you will “get” how many inventions across the millennium were squashed, and suppressed because of the current Duality Belief Systems put in place by the “con”trollers of a particular time. These “Con” men who perpetuate the limitations of Duality within the human left computer brain, are actually afraid of you or any other inventive person who has Newness Ideas. 

Your Newness Ideas or someone’s Newness Ideas could change the paradigm of all the limitations of Duality. These so-called paradigm shifts, the shift into Non-Duality Consciousness, may, in fact, unleash tremendous creativity that will benefit you, me, and all of us.

There may be so many unlimited ideas of creativity, the unlocking of the Godness Particle within each of you and me that we individually and collectively can alter the resonance on this planet for everyone. This alteration of Non-Duality resonance could unleash the unlimited creative abilities to shift this planet right out of Duality.  




So perhaps this is the perfect time and timing to consider the death of duality as the demise of limitations and restrictions. Consider Life is a perfect resonance to bring your life into unlimited aliveness, create through your infinite heart, and individually and collectively really make this the place of Heaven on Earth!  

Consider the sameness of the alternatives. There is no alternative to the sameness of Duality. Better technology, perhaps, yet the day and night of the living death of joy, creativity, and fulfillment! Duality is permanently temporary.  

The life within you, each and every day is to be lived to the fullest infused by your abilities to create your experiences through your heart. This is Non-Duality Actualized. This is the actual time of the shift from death to life and aliveness every day!


“Life is creativity manifested and actualized!”
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