When we transition from life-time to life-time, there is that place of revelation or that place of the “oops”… as Brittney Spears sings… Oops I did it again and then again and then again!  This place and space of learning, going over your script, rewriting your lessons and karma, getting your issues in order and figuring out your next role, family and location of your stage is the In-Between Times. How conscious you are when you make the transition is key to your next time around.

Well, the greatest aspect of this knowledge to begin in your present life time to set your record straight.  Reflect to your past only as a reference point.  Look at all of those individuals, family members, friends, business associates, acquaintances, enemies, whomever and see the dynamics of your own role in their lives.  How did you play your part?  How are you playing your part now?  At what stage are you living?  What act and scene is it for you?  Is it a long running trauma drama? Are you ready to move to another stage and scene?

Are you questioning your life?  Are you wondering if things had been or could be different, what would you do differently?  When an impasse hits in your life, maybe you are moving into the In-Between Time.  Could it be that a space of time has opened up to you which is offering you time to see if what you are doing, what you want out of life and what could be next for you?  Don’t look at the situation as complex.  Look at this time with renewed and revitalized vision.

Instead of having to transition out of another body and into another time frame, you now have an intermission in your script and play to see things less emotionally.  You are in an In-Between Time that gives you a time out from the usual routine, from the usual scenes on your stage of life.  It is not just taking an opportunity to see your life in a different way; it is giving you a time and space to modify your life.  When life is not working for you, stop working on the same scenes. Begin to re-evaluate what changes you would like to make.

Take every minute of this In-Between Time frame to look at what is working in your life, and what is not.  What relationships are working and those that are not?  You don’t have to stay stuck.  You don’t have to do anything anymore that is not your best.  Take advantage of your intermission.  Give your Self a break from the turmoil.  It really isn’t suppose to be traumatic all the time.

Let this intermission be a place to start new beginnings. Start fresh, with new ideas and new thoughts!  It doesn’t mean you are dumping the old life.  You are letting go of the old non productive ways.  It doesn’t mean to walk away from your solid relationships.  It may mean to re-evaluate the ones that are not working for you or them.

Don’t wait until you are looking for another body to replay the old parts on the same stage, with a different backdrop.  Welcome your time out to regroup your Self.

Be focused.  Relish your alive In-Between Times.  You may make some fabulous shifts for your Self.  Don’t wait until it is too late for this life time. Do it now!