Is there a difference between the I of you and the Me of you? What do you suppose the difference is? Look from a perspective as the non-emotional observer and you might be surprised by what you discover about your Self.

The I-Childish Adult Ego stands alone. When things go haywire you say… “I, I, I or ay ay ay! What the heck is going on? Doesn’t matter how the I is pronounced, the ay ay ay says it all. It is the frequency and vibration of the “I” or the “ay”. As Britney Spears sings…”Oops “I” did it again”. The I loves the trauma drama. Your I knows the frequency and vibration of the trauma drama and jumps into the addiction of this frequency and vibration to get the high for your “I”!

The Me of you, on the other hand, could care less about the trauma drama. The Me of you is more interested in introspection, getting to the point of the situation, and acting correctly to the opportunities that are presented. Your Me of you desires to learn about your Self exploring and focusing on Self-Discovery. Harmony is the frequency and vibration of the sound of the Me of you…. me, me, me.., so harmonious from the inside out. 

Your Me of you is also an aspect of your Multi-Dimensional Self. Write down the word Me, turn it upside down and it spells We. So above, so below. See your Self from an expanded point of view. You are Multi-Dimensional, which simply means you are not limited. Your Belief Systems limit you. Your Me of you is not limited. 

The formula is: ME over WE = You. Your Multi-Dimensional Self says that harmony from your inside out makes the changes to your outside world in tune with you and your life. 

Your ME/WE creates and stands not alone but in harmony with others without the trauma dramas. You are felt! Your frequency and vibration rocks! You attract others on your frequency and vibration band that resonate with you and you to them. People are drawn to your ME/WE You never stand alone.

You stand up for your Self and others. In turn, they stand up for you. The ones in their “I” Childish Adult Ego won’t get you. Oh Well! They are not meant to get you. Embrace your ME/WE. Resonate to the frequency and vibration of life. From my ME/WE to your ME/WE let’s resonate to life. Let the magic begin! 

“The Child is a treasure. The Childish Adult Ego is the pirate who buries the treasure.”
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