If any of your enjoyed the movie The Bucket List or have a bucket list of your own of things you would like to do in the future, how about considering having a Heart List in lieu of a Bucket List. Your Heart List can be things you love in your heart but have not done them yet.  Maybe this Heart List in your Heart is always on the back burner because you forget your Self, while doing so much for others.

Your dreams, aspirations and intentions are in your Heart.  However so much of your time is spent support other’s in their dreams, aspirations and intentions.  Now this is not a wrong thing to do.  Yet what about you?  There is no time like the present moment to look inside your Heart and see what your dreams, aspirations and intentions are there.

Don’t let them get stuck on the Maybe I Will Do These Someday List.  More time than not, this list of your Heart are ideas that may never make it to your Bucket List.  The Bucket List is the future list of things you may be planning to do or not.  Your Heart List is the Present Moment or your Now To Do List.

Your Heart List doesn’t have to be the hoping, wishing, wanting, needing and waiting list.  Put your Heart List is on your active list.  This is the list where you give your Self permission to do something for your Self each and every day.  Your Heart List is your personal and personalized everyday list in which you gift your Self something special.

This could be a moment or two to meditate, to support your Self with supportive Self-Talk, to call a friend to chat and laugh, to spend time alone reflecting over experiences that make you feel good about your Self,  You get the idea. This is your active Heart List. You create this special moment of the day, no guilt, just wondrous Self-supporting experiences.  The perfect active Heart List of being and then doing.

Your Heart List is not in the future, in the waiting room of life.  Your Heart List doesn’t  have a clock.  Your Heart List only has the perfect now time for you to perfectly be in touch with your Self.  Your Heart List, again, is your action list.  Take Action!  Be glad you are you, not matter what. Give your Self opportunities each day to applaud your Self, to give your Self accolades for all you have accomplished. This is not egotistical.  This is reality.

Your deserve to take time to hold your Self in your Heart and say… “Great job! Look at all I have accomplished so far in this life.”  May in your judgment of Self, you are not where you “think” you are supposed to be.  The fact is you are in the perfect place.  You are in this place because of all of your experiences, situations and relationships.  So stop judging your Self.  Start today to make your Heart List.  Do something everyday on your Heart List for your Self.  Then there will be regrets, no reprisals, no blame or no guilt.

You will be supporting your Self from the highest vibrational field of consciousness in your body… your wondrous Heart.  Your Heart List has no fear.  Your Heart List is the resonance that activates Self-unconditional love into action.  Ready, set, go…. Begin your Heart List today.  Put your Heart into your everyday life everyday!