Does exchange mean what? Asking it this way instead of what does exchange mean? When you are exchanging something, it is a thing, an item, a spouse, a friend, a place, a state or a state of being? WOW! This can be pretty deep or just superficial!

Exchange means so much! According to the thesaurus, a conversation, a talk, a discussion, or a chat! Or an interchange, a trade, a swap, a barter or give-and-take! The give and take idea of exchange can mean so much and yet so little at the same time or a different time!

Exchange can be a replacement, a substitute, a swap, a switch or a replacement. This can be a thing, a person, place, or a state of being! There are so many caveats to this word! Yet at the core of this word, the meaning is evident exchanging or changing from one thing to another and more!

Exchange can mean you are exchanging old patterns, old behaviors, old profiles and old roles into newer ones from within you. And it is all about resonance! What resonates to you or not! When you are in the process of EX-Change… you maybe EXing out of something or someone or someone’s who no longer resonate with you. You may be EXing and Exchanging one thing, person, idea, belief systems or whatever for another!

The amazing part of Exchanging is becoming the Non-Emotional Observer to “see” and “feel” what is the old that you are exchanging for the new. To make sure that the Exchange is not underneath at the core the same profile, behavior and role that you and the other person or persons or group or groups are not just another example of the old sameness.

This is not based on judgment or being judgmental about your Self. Perhaps this EX-change is the change you are creating into something brand new for your Self. This brand newness can be how you are “observing” your Life. Not the life from the view of others, except for you as the Non-Emotional observer and “see” that in this newness “perhaps”, it is the time or timing for being and doing something else!

What could that something else be? The something or someone or some place even is within you in your own body becoming more conscious of the connection within your Self. This EX-change can be the shift of resonance from inside you. This shift in resonance now makes a difference in how you view life, experience life, and choose to participate in life. You are becoming the Change.

The Change does not mean you are EX-ing people or places or things out of your life, they can remain in your life. The Change can mean that something else has more meaning to you that previously you may have set aside or wished for or considered! Yet didn’t do it.

This Change within you can be the impetus, the inner momentum that propels you into a new place from within you. This does come from that deep inner wisdom, maybe ignored before, yet now cannot be disregarded any more.

This EX-Change is possibly the propulsion from within you that is movement and inner drive which is motivating you to make the CHANGE FROM YOUR INSIDE OUT! It does not mean in any way that you are judging, damning, or pretending about anything or anyone in your life. There is no blame in any of this Change!

This Change is EX-Changing the resonance of you! You beginning to “see” your worth and value. To “see” that it is time to not just live your life! Now to LIFE YOUR LIFE! To do this in the most remarkable ways. These ways come from your inner comprehension of knowing without doubt that you are valuable, have valuable, are worthy and have worth.


In recognizing that this is Your Life… You EX-Changing any and all limited Belief Systems, that may have stopped you, or prevented you from being and doing from your Heart what you know is YOU! This CHANGE is your own evolution from your inside out!