How fortunate we are to live on this planet and in this Universe of unlimited possibilities, places and events to experience throughout the journeys of our lives.  In this diversity, we are offered many paths to not just discover our Selves as sentient beings, but to participate in the variety of relationships we call families, friends, frienemies, and groups to participate in the experiences we are creating with each to “experience” these relationships.   Many times we do not appreciate how amazingly creative we are to have these experiences with each other.

A question all of us may ask our Selves or to each other… “Is what is my purpose?”  Well how on this diverse planet can we just have “one” purpose?  It is impossible to have just “one” purpose!  It is also impossible to be off our paths.  As we traverse our paths, each year, each decade of our lives purposes change as we grow individually and together.  A simple example,  as a parent, child, sibling, friend, our roles change during our lifetimes of interaction with each other personally and even professionally.  We are all in a constant flux, flowing or restricted depending upon how clear, conscious  or unconscious we are in these moments of our interactions with each other.

As we change this focus from the “we” to the “you” who is participating in the “we” along your path/journey, you may think you get off your path or are not on the right path during the different times of your life, this is not possible.  Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, or whatever you are being, you are ON YOUR PATH!  You may think you are going backwards or are upside down or walking a narrow limited path, you ARE on your path.  When you have these thoughts, this is the perfect moment to ask your Self… “What am I doing?”  This is the perfect place to step aside, not out of body, and non-emotionally ask your Self… “Why am I creating this?  I don’t have to do it.”  Could this be the perfect time and opportunity to make a deliberate change on your path?

With all the various ways to experience your path, here are some questions you have probably asked your Self:

  1. What am I supposed to learn?
  2. Why do I have to learn it this way?
  3. What is the purpose of my life?

Maybe it is not supposed to be how much you learn, but why do you have to challenge your Self with a lesson in the first place?  Maybe it is not supposed to be how you have to learn something, but why do I have to do it this way anyway? And perhaps the purpose is not to have “one” purpose but to experience the diversity of life in all the varieties that life has to offer you.  Stop limiting your Self.  As an individual who is choosing to embrace the varieties of offerings this planet has, you may influence others to see their own lives differently, which connects each of us as individuals to the “we” factor as a human species.

Stop asking limited questions of your Self.  Start to see the unlimited potentials that surround you each and every day.


  • Make them real
  • Take advantage of them
  • Implement your unique talents
  • Embrace your self-created experiences
  • Live in the moment
  • Always keep your sense of humor
  • Share your Self
  • Make a difference