As this planet is experiencing what is called the Shift, the fear is becoming more intensified. Part of the reason for this thick, density of fear is the long ingrained programming of the “unknown”. The bands of consciousness are deeply inscribed with the fear of change. This non-sense fear of change that affects both the group and its members is a control mechanism. This mechanism is the tool which the leaders use to control the followers.
Throughout history, whenever an enlightened human came along who instigated a “change” the leaders’ implemented mass hysteria to squelch the change. Change happens. There may be kicking and screaming, war and the devastation from the opposition to the change, but change comes nonetheless. In this 3rd dimensional duality reality change is accompanied by resistance. From one perspective the change may appear as beneficial, yet from another perspective change is devastating. Jesus brought change or a shift in consciousness over 2000 years ago to enhance life, yet how much devastation has been caused in his name? Every paradigm shifter that brought change to the mass consciousness on this planet produced an effect through their energy field of dismantling the molecules of consciousness held in the bands at that particular timeframe called history. At some point through the shift in linear time, everyone’s’ bands of consciousness began to vibrate at the frequency of the change inside their own bodies.

Remember the statement “one person makes a difference”. Every paradigm shifter’s bands of energy extended out to their first converts who resonated to this shift of frequency. In other words, the converts were picking up these unseen physical bands of information and made the connection. A new group of consciousness is formed. The converts probably were seeking a change in their lives, looking for their purpose, a different way, or answers to their questions. The paradigm shifter comes along and a change begins. Without judging a paradigm shifter as either good or bad, look through the stages and ages of history on this planet, you will see the results of the change. More times than not, the power of the paradigm shifter is embodied by their presence as the “first”. Jesus is a first, Buddha is a first, Mother Theresa is a first, Hitler is a first, Saddam is a first, yet throughout history there is a similarity to the firsts. Yes, all the shifters of consciousness are charismatic, they are leaders. Their abilities to shift consciousness in the bands of others are extraordinary.

In every shift of consciousness throughout the history of this planet, the shift has always been predicated on opposition, the dual, the fear of success which is winning, or the fear of failure which is losing, nonetheless these shifts are really other versions of change. The concept of the fear of change is not the change itself, but where you will end up in the band of the change. Everyone wants to be on the winning side, no one wants to be on the loosing side of change. The absurdity of this concept of fear of change is just that, it is absurd. The ideology that you came to this planet to go through the processes of lessons, karma, and reincarnation doesn’t make any real sense. You change times, you change lives, you interact through the tangled lessons, you change sex, you change partners, you change roles, you change paradigms, and yet you end up in the same place. Where is the change? Other than shifting in and out of different bodies, lifestyles and places in your continuum, what is the difference? There is no sensible reason to fear the unknown. Because in reality of 3rd dimension you just keep recreating the same thing. However, certainly not for the first time, but for many times, this could be the time that a paradigm shift is really being created.

Now looking through every belief system on this planet, with not one molecule of judgment in the band, ask yourself could this be the time to dismantle the break-up of this paradigm called duality reality. Could it be…much more exciting to create something new on this planet through the connectedness of Allness? Ask yourself, how exciting are the known creations of the same old, same old? It’s known, that’s for sure. You have had just about every experience through your time continuum, the ups and downs, the riches and the poverty, the victim and the victimizer, the royalty and the serf, but mostly you have lived mundane lives struggling for the search for meaning. All these are variations of 3rd dimension. The searches for meaning have all been external. The outside never changes the inside. That’s the illusion. What happens is you just go along with what appears to be something new. Every avatar or teacher who brought the consciousness of Allness to Earth, even going back to Akkinatin, a pharaoh in Egypt, the resistance of the duality consciousness embedded in your strands of DNA is so overwhelming. The control of this dense consciousness to keep you separated from your own Allness inside of you is what keeps you held in the bondage of the karma, lessons, and reincarnation process. The illusion is that there is change.
They may look different and sound different throughout your ages and stages, but the issues are still the same. The greatest gift you have given yourself is this lifetime. This is the one. You do have the ability to shift your own paradigm and empower yourself to be the conscious creator that you really came here to be. Be your first paradigm shifter. Begin to cut the bands of consciousness that are embedded with programs, which have controlled you. Take charge of your own life. Be the one who is sending out your own free bands. Perhaps someone will pick up your free bands and get the point for themselves.