What? In Duality terms, there is an idea, belief system that there are past lives. Not a bad idea!  However when this Duality Belief System is connected to the idea of Karma, Lessons, and Re-incarnation…these three words mean the same thing… do-over, repeat, oops I did it again, you get the picture!

Karma is the Self Punishment Program that Duality hands out through the Metaphysical Belief Systems. Now don’t get upset I am not judging. It does not make sense that we must have a Duality System to make sure we punish our Selves over a timeline of experiences. 

FYI in the religious programs, it is Self-Sin that creates the punishment program of the scary Devil. Another made-up Duality Belief System. Yet, both of these ideas are for Self-punishment. The original, perhaps, is a Self-Correctional way to get back on track with the current societal designations. Though these designations may not be in alignment with you in any given timeline, thus making up a Self-punishment Belief System called Karma sounds like a good idea for the “con”trollers.  

However, perhaps, nevertheless, it may not work for you in a particular timeline. So interesting.  Maybe not to you at the core of your own Truth!  Karma does not deal with your Truth. Karma was created as a Belief System through the idea that you were not smart enough or maybe not conscious enough to manage how you create your life. Yet again, the Duality Programming is organized to keep you disorganized from your Self, your Truth, and being the Self-Conscious Creator of your Life… through the Duality times lines!  Hmmm!  Thus Karma!

Here’s a good one Lessons! This Duality Program is the Self-punishment program, that however, whatever and whyever, you created your life, you will produce lessons. The lessons are to “learn” about all the things you did wrong. Just consider you neve have lessons for anything you may do “right”. Always remember Duality is based upon right and wrong. Real Consciousness is based upon what is Correct for you or not Correct! What an empowering idea! However!!!!

You must deal with Lessons. Just look at the word Lesson!  Less on… Less on… Lesson… always in Duality to make you less. Always a yardstick or a measurement for you to be measured. Yet the Belief System in Duality, no matter how many successes or “failures” you have, you really can’t measure up.  Your consequences are Lessons.

Now consider this word again. Less on! So what comes after Lesson? More on, More on, Moron.  Hmmm, An oxymoron… Moron is the case or the object. If you don’t get the Less On then you have to repeat in Duality the same Lesson. OMG, This goes along with Karma.  

The guidelines, you have to repeat something, some experience over and over again to “get it”. So draining. So exasperating.  So debilitating. First of all, when it happens many times in your current lifetime it is draining enough. Now you have to drag the “experience”, the what of the experience through your timelines! Thus a past life, a current life of the same things.  

Look at it from a NEO Non-Emotional viewpoint. Karma and Lessons suck! They suck the energy out of you. They suck your ability to create consciously out of you. They suck the life out of you. Are you sure you would like to keep the Duality Programs of Karma and Lessons? Perhaps this is the “perfect timing” to delete these Duality energies and creativity sucking programs out of your life now!

There is one more Duality Program that is a dysfunctional trap, it is identified as Re-incarnation. This is the repeat Duality Program that falls under the guidelines of Karma and Lessons. If Karma and Lessons don’t get you and entrap you in these Duality Belief Systems, then the last stand for you to Self-Punish Your Self, you have re-incarnation. Do it over and over and over again!  

Isn’t the programming of Duality brilliantly Self-Punishing? No!!! Duality is not brilliant. Duality’s time is time to go. Time to be eliminated. Your ability to create your own Life Clearly Conscious does not resonate relevantly with these three programs, with different labels, yet completely the same. 

You have to waste your time, your amazing creativity, and your abilities as a person through your timelines caught up in the same experiences of Self-punishment. This is not why you are here on this planet in this Universe.  You are here to be Your Own Self as a Conscious Creator of your Life and life times.

Your Cellular Memories are the key to all the incredible, mind-blowing, remarkable experiences you’re created throughout your timelines. By connecting to these Cellular Memory experiences you remember who you are, and how you created your lives in all the timelines. You can keep what serves you in this lifetime, expand upon your awesome self and selves in your experiences and dump the rest. The rest are the Cellular Memorizations that in your Duality Left Computer Brain denied you to be your Self. 

This is your current timeline. Be who you are!  Let go of these old Duality Programs, with different names, yet the same. This is Your Time To Be You!  Free Your Self!  


“Time is an increment in the space-time continuum in which to create an experience you are creating to experience!”
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