Do not allow your mind to be enslaved by fear. Throughout the history of the world, there have been times of devastation – during a crisis, after a crisis, before a crisis; yet, the intrinsic spirit of productive creativity has prevailed.

The time is now to reach deep inside your Self through your heart. Get out of your limited “thinky-thinky” computer/brain. Raise your Self above the crippling fears to clearly focus your creative efforts on the productive changes that are required in current circumstances. Everyone has a natural, innate ability to overcome adversity. In overcoming, new thoughts and ideas are birthed that lead the way for the advent of new industries, new businesses and new prosperity.

All through the young history of the United States, economic challenges have been a part of the American business landscape. Some of the greatest challenges are occurring right now. In the course of these challenges, productive and successful results can be achieved. Become the observer. By being the non-emotional observer and by sticking to the facts, you can use your insight – your “gut” knowing – to assist you in accessing your intuitive creativity to see where the opportunities in your business or industry are.

In every economic shift, there is always an evolution that gives rise to the entrepreneurial soul.  Right now, above the contagion of fear, ideas are percolating that will provide the avenues for new industries, new technologies and new ways of doing business – locally, nationally and globally. Be open to embracing newness.  Holding onto the status quo, means languishing in the old paradigm; it means wishing and wanting things to still be the same. Things are never the same. In sameness there is not room for growth. In the consciousness of unlimited probabilities, growth occurs naturally. Now is the time to take the infinite possibilities and potentials and make them into the practical probabilities for new multiple realities.

The reality of “how it used to be” has shifted throughout the history of business and industry. Nothing ever stays the same. There is always a transition that brings the dawn of a new era. We are in the new era of this current change. Bridge the gap; walk over the bridge to the other side. You can either sit back and wait for something better to happen, or you can step up and be the powerful participant who is proactively creating the shift. Be the positive change for your Self and for those around you.

Stretch your Self. Keep what is currently working for you and expand it. Be willing to let go of what is no longer viable to you and your business. Seek out new strategic partnerships and new alliances. Be open to opportunities by being the non-emotional observer. Do not miss opportunities by being consumed with negative and destructive self talk. Stay focused and directed. Allow your creative abilities to move you forward.

Do not fear the unknown, for it is from the unknown that the birth of newness comes. Hanging onto what is no longer working wastes your valuable time and constructive efforts. Direct your endeavors where they can best benefit you and your business. Trust your gut! Trust your inner guidance. Times are not “a-changing.” They already changed. Be the leader who creates change with positive, productive and success-filled results.