By Sherry Anshara

Today my life is so blessed beyond words or measure… my brother Bob gifted me from his heart our opportunity together for me to assist him on his journey “home”!

I visited him in the hospital yesterday, but knew the two of us were not complete yet! Listening to my heart, I went to the hospital this afternoon and guided him through his own completion process. Moving beyond his cry to me to help him, together, guiding Bob, he moved along his new path, both of us going one step at a time, hand in hand, until we were “over halfway there”.

He thanked me and said he was not afraid anymore…and he shared with me “they” were all here for him. I asked him if there is one special person here for him. To most they would say he was in a “coma” or out of it… but my brother Bob was totally coherent! He said our Dad was holding out his hand to him. He would like to go “up”…but he wanted me to continue his walk with him. I told him, of course. Let me know when I can’t go anymore with you. When we go to the 7th Step…he told me…it is time for me to let go and he would go the rest of the way with our Dad.

What a gift to me and to his family as they got to participate in the most connected and loving way. Before he went up the stairs, he told me to ask each one of them about a particular year that meant something special to him and to that particular family member. Of course I wouldn’t know… it was for each one of them to remember their own personal experience with him. All I can say is we have to listen more to each other…talk less and connect heart to heart.

My brother was in his life’s review (I had 4 Near-Death Experiences so I get it)…so amazing to watch him transcend. When he was almost gone, I knew I had to leave and let his family spend the very last moments with him.

Funny, he was 9 years old when I was born and he was here for me in the beginning of my life and I was here for him at the completion of his life. A full circle for us…

About 15 minutes after I left the hospital, his daughter called me and told me he had completed his transition. This is how all transitions should be…in pure love, connected heart to heart. As a Medical Intuitive, I love to support people to heal themselves. It is not always my very favorite thing to guide someone through their transition. Yet it is the greatest experience and gift I could ever receive assisting someone on their final steps from this lifetime.

Loving my brother Bob unconditionally and supporting him, again there are simply no words I could express how joy filled I am for him, yet I know I have my own grieving to do! If this posting can touch your heart by remembering your loved ones here who are challenged or for those who have already transitioned, be grateful that you were in each other’s lives. I miss my brother Bob…Now he is Free!

One final thing, as he was in his transition, he told me he would come back! I already have an idea when…and through whom… Thank you Dad for assisting in your son’s crossing. I see the two of you smiling. My brother was 14 when my Dad transitioned, and I was 5! My brother’s birthday is this month. I am sure they are already celebrating. To Life! Hugs and loves to all!