Though this may sound judgmental, I trust as you read this article, you will understand that I am not judging the idea in the metaphysical paradigm of Duality that someone can “cancel” your soul contracts, whoever the person is… a shaman, a “healer”, a reader, a psychic, a whatever their title is, absolutely cannot cancel your “soul contracts”! This idea is such an absurdity, it is nonsense to the max.  

This is a Duality Program for a person, could be you or anyone, who ‘buys” into an idea that someone outside of you can cancel any disagreeable “con”tracts for you. They do not have the details within you that your Cellular Memory or your Cellular Memorizations that were implanted in your left computer brains, yes brains, through your experiences in your continuum. These could be considered past lives, yet they are really experiences imprinted and accepted by YOU through these timelines.

This is not a judgment, this is how Duality works and works you over in any language in your places that you incarnated in any particular timelines, place, languages of the places you wrote in your “con”tracts along with your ways. Even the word contract is the “con” of the tracts on which you journeyed along with your timelines.

Isn’t this spectacular. Amazing!!!!  Throughout your timelines, you picked up information that you could use, or not use, hold onto it “emotionally”, get so caught up in the informational experiences that you couldn’t let go, and repeated it many times.  This is what is called Karma, Lessons, and Re-incarnation… you know… the three words that mean the same thing. In my previous article I wrote about this paradigm that is not worth a dime…so to speak!  Anyway…

When you give up your Power to the “con”trol, the control of your life, your contacts, your experiences, your Power is changed into Force. You get caught up in the “Force” of Duality that forces you to experience your life, your lifetimes, your continuum in the same less than or victimized ways. Whether you are rich or poor, unknown or famous, whatever the scenarios of that particular time line, in Duality you are in the Duality Matrix, boxed into the limited Belief Systems of “con”trol of the Duality left-brain programming. This is how it works over and over again and works you over and over again.

Duality is a waste of time, a waste of your creativity, and a waste of your very essence of being Your Own Self within you.  When you give up your Power, you are giving up your life. This is a very power full statement. I will repeat it again. “When you give up your Power, your give up your Life and your Life Times to the Duality Programs that limit you over and over again.”  The Belief Systems of Duality is insidious. 

Yes…you can achieve success no doubt about it. Yet in success in the “back of the Duality left computer brain unconsciously” are the ideas… this is too good to be true, this can’t last, when will the ax fall, what will come along to stop me, etc etc etc.  Just consider these and other statements of stoppage!  Success is not supposed to be consistent in Duality. The winner becomes the loser, the loser becomes the winner.  Your places change, your position change, yet? 

Now here’s the rub.  The idea of the Belief System of Duality comes into play through the Metaphysical paradigm. The Soul Contract! Someone “outside” of you can change your “con”tract(s). The Con of the Tract you are on. NO, they can’t. This is a Duality program of someone else can fix you. You are not broken. Confused maybe… programmed yes!  

You are supposed to in Duality always find your answers outside of you. Not the Truth. You are the one, when you get conscious, whether little by little or expansive quickly is up to you. You are the one and only one who can cancel your contracts. You do it by becoming clearly conscious of how, when, where, and WHY you created and recreated many times or a few times the same scenarios in your life or timelines. 

Comprehending it is YOU that is the creator of your life is absolutely the BEST! My focus is to support and assist you to be YOU.  You have all the answers. Not a commercial or outrageous plug, this is WHY I am so excited every day to support YOU and whoever is willing to connect to their own Cellular Memories, not the Cellular Memorizations of Duality, to discover within your own body, your clear information within you. This is your natural intelligence and intellect that is YOU!

As you read this article, progressively process it and realize with “real eyes” the magnificence of you…. please do your Self and me a favor, share this article with someone you feel will benefit. You are the one who creates and writes your own Soul Contracts. You are the one who can amend them! 


“Make agreements, life becomes agreeable…make contracts… life becomes the “con” of the track…choose consciously!”
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