What does resonance have to do with words, language, speech, or anything that we say out loud, quietly, or even non-verbally? There is so much information in just these few questions. The answers are in the questions. None of us have been taught, guided, or informed how words and resonance are so connected to each other, even when they are unspoken.  Sometimes the unspoken words resonate with a look!  

Oh yes, I remember some of my mother’s looks! No judgment at all, yet remembering her looks now makes me smile and sometimes laugh! At those times in the past, the looks told me exactly what to do… be quiet, shut up and go to my room. I knew it would be so much easier just to move out of her space. Again, no judgment but the resonance of her unspoken words was loud and clear!

Resonance has everything to do with words and language what ever the language is. In any language, more times than not the unspoken resonance of any give and/or particular language is exactly what is going on in any situation physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Why spiritually because spirituality is as physical as the emotionality of an experience created through words. For example, whether unspoken or spoken through the Duality Belief Systems of programming… “You are not good enough according to religious teaching, and ethnic background, a societal judgment, or any other form of an assigned label designated through a spoken or unspoken language that resonates you are less!

Financial… what is the cost to you through your life at any given age, where you are judged through language, through an assigned label that resonates to you being less regardless of what you have, what you are accomplished, or any other criteria that diminish you in any way. Again what is the cost to you through out your life, when these resonating words in any language diminish you in any way? This diminishment “lives” and is imprinted in your Duality left computer brain more times than not unconsciously.

Mentally…what does it do to your mental abilities to be overcome by the resonance of Wordology is Your Biology, regardless of your IQ, that states you “did not have what takes to do something”….what that something is by the Duality of society, the limitations of the Duality programming or some Duality label. Look at how many “rich”, beyond wealthy, famous, whatever individuals deny themselves and their accomplishments by taking themselves down through drugs, substance abuse, sexual abuse, just plain abuse and kill themselves through their behaviors. Not judging.

What are they looking for? They are looking for acceptance from outside themselves. They must accept themselves. Their left computer brains are so resonating with the Duality language at the very core of not being worthy of having value. The mental self-abuse through the Duality resonance in any language of “not good enough” at their core!  Simple? Yes! Complicated? No!  Only through Duality’s language of “con”ditioning through the left computer brain Check out the history of leaders, stars, heads of state.. the list goes on of Self-abuse!

Emotional and emotionality drive it all! What does that mean to you, to all humans? It means the resonance of Wordology is Your Biology is predicated on triggering the emotional bondage at the core of the human experience that keeps you, all humans in a state of being emotionally “con”trolled! Just a fact! The emotional bondage is the key to being manipulated through the Duality Programming, the Belief Systems, the B.S. in whatever form the language is taught through religion, politics, society, education, groups, cults, the list goes on…that continues to imprint the resonance that creates the bi-products of frequencies and vibrations that “bond” you and/or people together. In this bonding or to put it bluntly cementing the individuals including you glued together, not judging just a fact, to be “right” or even “wrong”.  

Being correct in Duality is never the point. This is why emotionally it is so easy to get you and all individuals to “war” with your Selves from the inside out and then each other. Then on a local level, yet the best.. is the “national” or “international” places on this planet… WAR! With the resonance of WAR, it is so easy to manipulate and “con”trol you and everyone, emotionally, mentally, you are hooked in, spiritually call on the “right” god, financially, oh yes, give up your resources, and put it all together, physically! You are drawn in with every fiber of your physical being.  You are “hooked” through the language of the resonance of the Duality Wordology of Your Biology from the outside in.  

Your own clear language of Truth of who you are is very challenging to access. Since over the eons of times, the time continuum, in whatever language you were taught, the language of Duality resonates with the emotionality of your left computer brain, you are simply disconnected from your body, your creative right brain, and your Self.  Your left computer brain runs the Duality show in a resonance of recreating, do-over, and repeat, repeat, repeat through the Duality Continuum.  All brought to you by not you!  


This is the time of Wake Up. Not an awakening!  There, throughout history, have been so many awakenings on this planet.  They are permanently temporary… this is Duality. This is the time of your own individual and we humans together collectively to dump Duality and Wake Up to the amazing Non-Duality creative Real New Humans we are all meant to be!


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