Wow! What a question?  Some have been taught that death is the end.  Others have been taught that life is forever that there is no death!  Some consider that we were born to die.  In certain places on earth, celebrating death may consider strange or weird.  Death has so many connotations that more times than not, the idea of death can be very confusing and perpetuate confusion.  Death is usually expressed as the end, moving on or even a karmic debt to be paid.  

Death in the Duality Programming many times is considered Karma, Lessons, and Re-incarnation…Do over repeatedly.  The idea is to learn lessons.  Again I will state…that Lessons, become less on, less on that turn into More on… more on… moron!  Not a judgment in any way.  The caveats of death have so many ideas equated with death, they can be confusing and add to the confusion of what happens.  

Death can bring up all the emotional tension in the left computer/brain laced with regret, guilt, shame, and blame.  Sometimes after a “ significant” period of time, the intensity of the emotional traumas becomes less as the “forgetting” process happens.  This is not a judgment.  This is the process of “lightening” the emotional load or loads carried in the left computer brain which in turn eventually impacts the health of the physical body.  This is part of the death experience(s) of others in your life.  

One of the most difficult challenges is attempting to “rationalize” the circumstances of death in relationship to your own relationships with the other person or persons.  Getting back to so many of the belief systems about death, it can be overwhelming to figure out what does life means?  What do life and death mean to the person(s) who have left the earth “building” and the ones who are left here?  Can the emptiness be felt by those still here and those who have departed?

This is an amazing question to ask.  When the person who has “died” is not complete… an accident, a shocking death, and experience without warning… there are too many questions at the moment, then there are answers.  And perhaps the answers will never be completely comprehended by those who are still here or by the one or ones who have departed this dimension. 

With the “teachings” of life everlasting or karma, lessons, reincarnation, or hauntings, maybe just maybe, the intensity of a person or persons’ souls get mixed up and cannot define exactly where they are.  A Person, minus their physical human body, is still an energetic “body” of energy with all the Cellular Memories of his or her experiences through-out their own personal time continuum!  Again not a past life issue…  a time continuum of experiences recorded within the person’s energetic body, so to speak, a soul, a spirit’s own personal downloads of experiences recorded within his or her consciousness.

Is this part of the evolution of a person/soul/spirit and all sorts of bodies from lifetime experiences throughout lifetime experiences? For sure!  What is even more amazing, these experiences more time than not are not always in this dimension called Earth.  This is the idea of people saying they are from another planet or star system.  Why not?  

So interesting how everyone creates their own experiences individually and the part of a “collective” experience selected in a particular time frame!  Many years ago, I assisted a person who was getting a Doctorate in Psychology by organizing research on Near Death Experiences.  Extraordinarily, amazing to read these individuals’ experiences of death, from their own personal views and ideas, as they shared their own deaths!  Of the twelve individuals, ten did not want to return here to earth. Whomever they met in the dimensions they visited, they were certain, they were done! Of course, they were not!

The most extraordinary stories are the two who couldn’t wait to get back here.  They were determined to get back here.  Perhaps to make amends, change their lives, contribute in different ways… the list goes on of their own individual shifts.  The one thing that I found so fascinating is that both of these individuals had Duality religious belief systems, deeply engrained in them, that they would go to HELL!  Well, they went to HELL!  The question to ask is “whose hell”?

The others had their own Duality belief systems.  These individuals experienced they would move on to a “heaven” or a much more peaceful heavenly place.  Yet they were advised in their “heavens” by an individual or individuals to return to earth and make any changes they felt they were required to do. The idea… the changes would benefit them and others in their lives. 

Though they were considered “dead”, the question to ask… did they really die?  Personally, I have had five Near Death Experiences and can honestly say, I was advised several times to stay here, at three years old, it was not my time, and the various other times to return.  Well obviously, in each moment, though I protested, I am still here.  Gratefully so, I did listen to the “others” guidance. 

So funny I never felt “dead” or that I had died! Yes, my body did experience some very physical and emotionally painful challenges after I returned. During these so called Near Death Experiences I never “felt’ dead!  In my experiences, there is no death, just a change of form.  I did discover through my own death experiences and “talking to so called dead people since I was three years, and continue to do so, I know there is no death… only a change of forms, which includes all the self-created experiences in whatever form, place, dimension or place you show up. 

So the point of this article or message, it about you becoming and being a Non Duality Consciousness Multi-dimensional person in whatever forms you consciously choose throughout your time continuums. Remember you can here in this dimension, and also everywhere and anywhere else to experience the experiences you created to experience. Here is the key!  To “consciously create” for your Self all your experiences deliberately, focused, and directed.  

I encourage you to “remember” that where ever and whenever you leave, in whatever emotional or conscious state of being, makes the difference in how you establish your life/lives and your experiences in any of the multi-dimensional places in which you choose to “BE”!  

Remember the two who were programmed in their religious Duality Belief Systems, they would go to hell! And they did!  The others experienced more heavenly experiences, though they chose to return and live out their lives, in perhaps more meaning Full ways for them.  


“Life is forever!”

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